‘We see its value’: Ugandan communities benefiting from agroforestry

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first_imgFarming communities in the western Ugandan highlands of Butanda have for generations practiced agroforestry, intercropping fruit, grains and vegetables with medicinal plants, trees and grasses on their land.The practice allows them to harvest food throughout the year, both for sustenance and to sell, provides them with timber and other resources, and prevents soil erosion while boosting water conservation.A local NGO is working to promote the practice to other communities in the region, including to cattle farmers, who have often overlooked the importance of trees in providing shade and protection for their herds.Experts say there’s much to learn from the indigenous communities that have long practiced some form of agroforestry, and have stressed the importance of heeding this valuable store of knowledge. BUTANDA, Uganda — On a forested hill in the highlands of Butanda, in western Uganda, James Rwebishengye and Florence Atwine have created a diverse forest canopy of more than 200 trees and smaller plants.These include trees like dragon’s blood (Dracaena cinnabari), wild banana (Musa balbisiana) and tamarillo, or tree tomato (Solanum betaceum), along with the smaller Terlingua Creek cat’s-eye (Cryptantha crassipes) and local papaya and bamboo species.Beneath the trees grow various types of crops: vegetables like cabbages and carrots, legumes like beans and peas, and medicinal plants including chayote (Sechium edule), white horehound (Marrubium vulgare), elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum), and winter cherries (Solanum pseudocapsicum).But this piece of land holds far more significance to Rwebishengye and Atwine than merely being a supply of food for home consumption and sale. The pair inherited this forest-mimicking garden based on the tradition of agroforestry — where taller trees and palms are grown in combination with mid-level shrubs, all of which yield useful products from fruit to timber or medicine, with vegetables and medicinals on the forest floor below — from Rwebishengye’s late father, and the garden dates back several generations.Agroforestry plot in Masaka, Uganda. Image via The Future Society“I am now 60 years old,” Rwebishengye says. “Our forefathers used to practice this type of farming before and we have lived on it and maintained it up to now because we see [its] value, and most importantly, we benefit from the medicinal trees more than you can imagine.”A 2005 study in western Uganda indicated that close to 50 percent of tree cover on farms in the Kigezi Highlands, of which Butanda is a part, was composed of planted trees. This suggested that farmers were intentionally contributing to tree diversity conservation by actively planting trees. The wide-ranging canopy and the use of local plants, Rwebishengye says, makes the garden stronger: it needs less water, no artificial fertilizers or pesticides, and is more resilient to climatic change impacts.“That is why it has been easy for us to sustain it through generations, and we have been talking to our children about its importance: we intend to leave it for posterity,” he says.The Rwebishengyes aren’t the only people practicing this method in the area. Many other families do it at a slightly smaller scale, like Peter Twijukye and his wife, Patience Busingye, from Nyamiryango, a neighboring village, who have an acre of land (0.4 hectares) dedicated to agroforestry.“I have chayote, the fruit with amazing medicinal effects,” Twijukye says, listing the crops he grows: “Elephant grass, the incredible black-jack [Bidens pilosa] that heals wounds and cuts instantly, papaya, and bananas in our garden. We have maintained it for generations and it provides a steady supply of food and medicine. We also seasonally grow cabbages, beans and peas.”The main agroforestry practice in this community of indigenous Batwa and ethnic Bainika people entails the planting of trees along the upper and lower slopes of their farms, with elephant grass grown in the middle of slopes, and planting sorghum, beans, peas and sometimes wheat along the terraces.“Agroforestry can deliver a more diverse farm and inspire the whole rural economy, leading to food stability among our communities,” says Duncan Mbonigaba, the local council secretary in Nyamurindira, in Butanda parish. “With this type of farming, the economic risks are reduced because our people have multiple products [which] leads to increased production.”Jaconius Musingwire, formerly of the National Environment Management Authority’s western Uganda office, says “Agroforestry practices relate with each other through their protective and productive functions that benefit the farmers as well as the land.“They benefit the land by preventing soil erosion and landslides that would otherwise adversely affect the agricultural crops,” he says, “and benefit the farmers [by] maintaining and restoring soil fertility through nutrient cycling, soil and water conservation, modifying microclimate, providing shade, and as living fences and wind breaks.”Biodiversity benefitsThis style of farming is also friendly to wildlife, which can find a home and food among the forested acres. Small animals that frequent the Rwebishengyes’ 1.4-hectare (3.5-acre) expanse of forested land include the African golden cat (Caracal aurata), wild cats (Felis lybica), greater cane rat (Thryonomys swinderianus), and African giant pouched rat (Cricetomys gambianus).The area is also rich in birds, including the globally threatened Grauer’s swamp warbler (Bradypterus graueri), an endangered species, and the Kivu ground thrush (Geokichla piaggiae tanganicae), an uncommon subspecies of the Abyssinian ground thrush (G. piaggiae).Establishing passion fruit as a high value agroforestry crop. Image by Nature UgandaOther birds include the handsome francolin (Pternistis nobilis), red-throated alethe (Chamaetylas poliophrys), Archer’s robin-chat (Cossypha archeri), collared apalis (Oreolais ruwenzorii), red-faced woodland warbler (Phylloscopus laetus), regal sunbird (Cinnyris regius) and Shelley’s crimson-wing (Cryptospiza shelleyi).Wider benefitsThis agricultural technique also allows farmers to make use of the environmental services that trees provide. “Agroforestry can help build fertile topsoil by increasing the amount of organic litter returned to soils,” says Keith Shepherd, principal soil scientist and leader of the Land Heath Decisions research unit at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) in Nairobi, Kenya. Small livestock also have a role to play: chickens and ducks roam the Rwebishengyes’ land, swallowing winter cherries and pecking at fallen papayas, leaving behind droppings that serve to fertilize the plants.The integrated cropping system practiced by the Rwebishengyes also helps their soil stay in place while it builds up. “Integrating trees in cropping systems can also protect the topsoil horizon from soil erosion, both by providing physical protection of soil from erosive rain storms and by building better soil structure through increased organic matter and soil biological activity,” Shepherd says.He adds that more people should emulate the Rwebishengyes and practice this type of farming. “Agroforestry can improve water tables where it helps to improve water infiltration in soils and deep drainage, but the reverse can happen if trees are planted in areas where they are not suited, and then result in depletion of groundwater tables,” he says. “Slow-growing trees and deciduous trees tend to use less water than fast-growing and evergreen trees.”Spreading the wordThe NGO Nature Uganda has started an initiative in nearby Kabale and Rubanda districts to encourage communities to practice agroforestry. In Kabale, the group is looking to increase biodiversity on agricultural land and boost productivity and adaptation to climate change, as well as provide energy options for local communities.It has also introduced bamboo cultivation in three villages in Rubanda to stabilize land as a means of mitigating landslides and soil erosion, and to provide an alternative source of bamboo to ease pressure on Echuya Forest, the only bamboo forest in the region.“Trees provide a shelter that reduces wind and soil erosion,” says Achilles Byaruhanga, executive director of Nature Uganda. “And some trees act as fertilizers, reduce insect pests and disease infestation.“Trees grown along watercourses can take up and ‘brush out’ polluted farm runoff,” he adds. “They increase the diversity of species by providing habitat, including species that are [useful] to farmers like bees and butterflies which pollinate the crops. Also, some studies have shown that many species of birds benefit.”Communities profit, too, because bamboo that is grown in villages is used in making income-generating handcrafts as well as stakes for cultivating bean plants, a common crop for many farmers in the Kigezi region.People carrying bamboo harvested from wild forests for fuel. Image via Nature UgandaExperts say agroforestry is also crucial in the fight against climate change, due to the practice’s role in sequestering carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. “Carbon pools in terrestrial systems include the aboveground plant biomass and belowground biomass such as roots, soil micro-organisms, and the relatively stable forms of organic and inorganic carbon,” says Erick Towett, a scientist at the World Agroforestry Centre. “Agroforestry systems have a higher potential to sequester carbon because of their ability for greater capture and utilization of [nutrients] than monocrops or pastures. Agroforestry has the potential for addressing many of the land-management and environmental problems.”Light and shadeAgroforestry is more than just planting trees, but can rather be seen as a form of shade and light management. “The science lies in how one manages the shade and light,” says Rebecca Kalibwani, head of the agriculture department at Bishop Stuart University in the city of Mbarara, adding that the tree cover should be at least 20 percent in order to maintain soil organic matter and other biological and biodiversity activities at suitable levels.Kalibwani says shade is important for more than just coffee and chocolate, and cites the agroforestry system known as silvopasture, where grazing livestock are kept under a canopy of trees. While some ranchers in western Uganda clear large chunks of land to set up dairy farms, Kalibwani and other experts say they could actually improve their income by leaving or at least introducing trees, since they would gain multiple benefits by selling timber and by providing shade for their cattle.Well-planned tree belts in pastures provide benefits to livestock in both rainy and dry seasons, since they provide a windbreak during the former and shade during the latter. This protection lowers animal stress and increases feeding efficiency.“Changes in seasons produce irregular feeding patterns in livestock and cause them to be more vulnerable to diseases and other health problems. Scientists believe that cattle provided with protection in the form of tree belts spend more time eating and less time stressed, which can lead to high milk yields,” says Musingwire, the former National Environment Management Authority official.There’s also an agroforestry practice called “alley cropping,” an ancient system widely used here that involves rows of valuable woody trees alternated with rows of maize, beans and other fruits and vegetables.A silvopasture system. Image courtesy World Agroforestry CentreRwebishengye says agroforestry also has its challenges. A big one is that birds that nest in the trees feed on crops like peas, and are the first to find ripening fruits. But the “early morning wake-up music” the birds provide on their forested lands has, over the years, grown from being noise to sweet music to the farmers’ ears.Some communities still clear trees for farms, not knowing that the trees provide a wealth of benefits. Kalibwani says all stakeholders should advise the public about the importance of agroforestry for climate change mitigation, adaptation, resilience and food security.“Agroforestry is an economically and ecologically viable farming practice that enhances overall productivity, soil enrichment, maintaining environmental services such as carbon sequestration, phytoremediation” — where plants clean up contaminated soil, air and water — “watershed protection and biodiversity conservation,” she says.Clement Okia, the World Agroforestry Centre’s country representative for Uganda, agrees while also citing the importance of learning from indigenous people. “Indigenous communities are knowledgeable about important trees, their uses, and community perception regarding them. Their knowledge helps experts in [identifying] priority local trees and shrubs that can be integrated in an agroforestry intervention,” he says.“Indigenous communities have lived with trees for [very] long and therefore are able to identify trees needed for various uses in the area, including those with medicinal value,” he adds.And listening to the accumulated wisdom of local people always makes sense.This article is part of Mongabay’s ongoing series on agroforestry worldwide.FEEDBACK: Use this form to send a message to the author of this post. 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Karaoke for the kids

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first_imgAdmission is by donation at the Legion.- Advertisement – Kids karaoke will take place from 5 to 7 p.m. and the adults will take over starting at 8 p.m.last_img

New Liverpool deal for Mignolet

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first_img“Ever since I arrived here we have been going in the right direction,” he told his club’s official website. “I’m getting older as well and coming into the years where people would say those are the years a ‘keeper is at his best.“I know with a long-term contract, you get more responsibility – and I want to take up that role because I’m the sort of character that wants to be a leader, wants to speak in the dressing room and wants to help the defence.“I’ll try to work hard together with the goalkeeping coach and staff here, who are behind me and have given their confidence with a new contract. I would like to thank them for that – but you can’t really do that with words, you have to do that with performances on the pitch. And that’s what I’ll try to show.”Liverpool’s next match is the second leg of their FA Cup clash with League Two side Exeter City. The aggregate score is locked at 2-2 after the first leg, but will have to be decided at Anfield on Wednesday.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet in action against Newcastle United, PHOTO/FileLIVERPOOL, January 19 – Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet has extended his contract with the club, and said that he is “happy to commit my future to LFC”.The 27-year-old Belgium international joined the Reds from Sunderland in 2013, and has gone on to make 122 appearances for the club, along with 17 caps for his country.last_img read more

La Liga winner, £20m star and more defenders Man United MUST move for now

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first_img Neven Subotic – Borussia Dortmund – Click the arrow for more – With Mats Hummel’s dashing United’s hopes of a move, the Red Devils are reportedly considering moving for his Dortmund defensive partner Neven Subotic. The 25-year-old Serbian has been hugely impressive over the past few seasons and continues to improve at Dortmund. A modern defender in every sense, he is arguably exactly what United need at the back. Angelo Ogbonna – Juventus – Click the arrow for more – The 26-year-old was largely used as a squad player last season, with Juventus preferring Giorgio Chiellini, Leonardo Bonucci and Andrea Barzagli. However, with the latter injured, Ogbonna has been given regular game time this season. Tall, strong and comfortable in possession, he has been touted as an ideal signing for Van Gaal. It seems as though Man United fans’ hopes of landing Borussia Dortmund defender Mats Hummels in the near future have been dashed completely, after the German World Cup winner admitted that he is a not tempted by a move to Old Trafford.That will come as a blow to the Red Devils, who reportedly made enquires over his availability during the summer months, with strong suggestions that they will be returning with a more concrete offer at the end of the season.With defence a particular area of concern for boss Louis van Gaal, it seems as though he will have to look elsewhere if he is to plug the gap in his leaky backline. But who should he move for?Click the arrow to see a handful of defenders who United MUST try to sign now… Marquinhos – Paris Saint-Germain – Click the arrow for more – Very much a long-shot, the 20-year-old Brazilian has all the attributes to be one of the world’s best defenders for years to come. Valued at around £20m, he is within United’s budget, but given his regular game time at PSG, it remains to be seen whether the club would entertain an offer for this blossoming star. 5 5 Stefan de Vrij – Lazio – Click the arrow for more – United dropped a bit of a clanger by failing to make an effort to land De Vrij in the summer months, with the Dutchman instead moving to Lazio in a cut-price deal. Van Gaal is known to be an admirer of his talents, having worked closely with him in the Netherlands set-up, and may be advised to move for a player whom he knows well. 5 5 5 Diego Godin – Atletico Madrid – Click the arrow for more – One of the biggest criticisms of Manchester United is their lack of leadership at the back, so Van Gaal may look to rectify that by bringing in an established leader, rather than trying to create one himself. Should that be his course of action, then there surely is fewer better leaders in world football than Atletico Madrid’s Diego Godin. The Uruguayan has come to typify everything that is respected of the reigning La Liga champions, but it would probably take a significant sum to convince both the club and the 28-year-old to make a switch.last_img read more

Dems combine health plans, but cost is issue

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first_imgSenate President Pro Tem Don Perata, D-Oakland, and Assembly Speaker Fabian Nu ez, D-Los Angeles, touted their combined legislative effort as a major step forward. They said it will focus negotiations and help prevent special interests from thwarting reforms by driving a wedge between party leaders. “Democrats in this building are now united,” Perata said in a Capitol news conference. State Republican leaders responded by warning that the Democrats’ combined bill would be disastrous for businesses. They called it a government-run health care plan that would amount to a massive tax increase and overburden California businesses at a time when the state is struggling to close chronic budget deficits. Schwarzenegger also addressed the topic Thursday, holding a news conference with small-business owners and employees who said they were afraid of losing health insurance if they left their jobs. The governor said he would work with lawmakers to pass reforms that provide better, more affordable care. Still, Schwarzenegger said he believes in reform principles different from those in the Democrats’ plan. SACRAMENTO – If California lawmakers and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger strike a health care reform deal this year, Thursday may go down as the beginning of the great debate. Assembly and Senate Democratic leaders closed ranks, combining two competing health care bills into one that rejects Schwarzenegger’s vision for requiring everyone in the state to obtain health insurance. The bill – the sole vehicle for major reform because no lawmaker has carried Schwarzenegger’s plan – also draws battle lines over who will pay most of the cost. The Democrats’ bill would require California employers to spend at least 7.5percent of their payroll costs on health care. That’s nearly double what the governor has proposed under a plan to share costs among individuals, employers, doctors, hospitals and the federal government. “The only way that the health care reform is going to work is if you have mandatory health care insurance, and if that goes simultaneously … with insurance companies that have to cover everyone and cannot turn anyone away because of age or medical history,” he said. The Democrats’ bill calls for insurance companies to guarantee coverage to everyone who does not have a serious medical condition.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Health officials urge flu shots for everyone

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first_imgWHITTIER – Armida Salazar, 32, shopped at a local drugstore this week to get cold medicine for her son, Jose. “He’s been sneezing a lot,” the Santa Fe Springs resident said, adding she’s preparing for the upcoming flu season. Area hospital and clinic officials are also gearing up for the start of the flu-shot season, reporting the good news that there will be plenty of vaccine on hand this year. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that 100 million doses – 17 million more than last year – will be available to consumers nationwide beginning this month. And while Southern Californians might be immune to harsh winter weather, health experts said they cannot escape the flu season or the potential complications from influenza infections. In fact, Dr. John McCarthy, a physician specializing in infectious diseases, said early signs of the more serious form of the flu, Influenza A, have already been noted in neighboring Orange County. “Seeing two cases of Influenza A this early is somewhat of an omen. And very close to where we live, to me, that says you need to be concerned about an early flu season,” McCarthy said. The local reports of the common flu should put citizens on alert, McCarthy added, especially those who may suffer more serious side effects of the virus. An estimated 36,000 people, most of them seniors, throughout the United States die every year due of complications from the flu, according to the CDC. Traditionally, the highest risk groups include seniors and those of any age with chronic illnesses such as heart, lung or kidney diseases, diabetes or severe forms of anemia. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREThe joys and headaches of holiday travel: John Phillipscenter_img Department of Public Health officials have scheduled free vaccination clinics throughout Los Angeles County, including at local community centers, beginning this month. La Mirada is the first Whittier-area city to host a county clinic this year. Local doctors and pharmacies said they’re also awaiting shipment of their flu vaccine orders. Devang Patel, manager at a Rite Aid pharmacy in Santa Fe Springs, expects to get his first shipment this week. Because of the additional supply of flu vaccines, authorities said there will be no rationing of shots this year – meaning people don’t need a chronic health condition to secure their place in line. The CDC is recommending that everyone get a flu shot, including children age 6 months to 59 months, pregnant women and seniors age 50 and above. Salazar, who’s pregnant, said she intends to get 9-year-old Jose and the rest of her family, including herself, a flu shot before the sneezing fits progress. October or November is the best time to get vaccinated, according to federal health authorities. But consumers shouldn’t wait until they really start feeling under the weather, doctors urge. “The flu vaccine is not for when you get symptoms, it’s preventative,” McCarthy said. More serious flu symptoms include high fever, a sore throat, and severe headaches and muscle aches. Milder cases of the flu are distinguished by a dry cough and muscle aches. Gwen Enos, 73, is not taking her chances – especially because both she and her husband, Albert, have chronic illnesses. A Santa Fe Springs resident, Enos said she gets a flu shot every year and can attest to its effectiveness. “I’m always after our children,” Enos said. “I believe in it because it helped us stay from the flu and prevented us from having it.” araceli.esparza@sgvn.com (562) 698-0955, Ext. 3024160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Carlisle United boss becomes the latest League Two manager to be axed

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first_img changes appointed The 46-year-old, who was in charge of the Cumbrians for 10 months, had previously recorded victories against non-league Dulwich Hamlet in the FA Cup on Friday and Macclesfield Town the week before.But with Carlisle languishing in 19th place in the fourth tier, the decision was made to remove Pressley from his duties with immediate effect.“Steven has given his all and has worked tirelessly since the day he joined us,” chairman Andrew Jenkins said in a statement. scrap latest MOST READ IN FOOTBALL “We understand the challenges and have supported him throughout, but we haven’t seen the evidence of progress we expected or needed to see.“This is not something we can allow to continue, so sadly it is time to change, move on and look forward.”The existing coaching staff in place at the club will take charge in the interim, as the club search for a full-time replacement for Pressley. Liverpool transfer news live: Mbappe latest, Lille star wants to join Reds in future The average first-team salaries at every Premier League club in 2019 SORRY revealed Sky Sports presenter apologises for remarks made during Neville’s racism discussion ‘I’ll get him’ – Robertson further endears himself to fans with revenge vow to Mane Arsenal transfer news LIVE: Ndidi bid, targets named, Ozil is ‘skiving little git’ Steven Pressley has been axed by Carlisle United Guardiola-inspired tactics: Is this how Arsenal will line up under Arteta? getty images Gerrard launches furious touchline outburst as horror tackle on Barisic sparks chaos PAYBACK 1 LATEST Steve Round reveals how Mikel Arteta convinced him to join Arsenal staff Steven Pressley has become the latest League Two manager to lose his job this season after being axed by Carlisle United on Wednesday morning.The decision to terminate Pressley’s contract came following the 3-1 defeat to basement club Morecambe in the EFL trophy the previous evening.last_img read more

Murray faces Wawrinka in first round at Eastbourne

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first_imgAndy Murray’s second match on his return from injury will come against Stan Wawrinka after the pair were drawn together at Eastbourne.Murray made his return from an 11-month injury lay-off at Queen’s last week, where he was defeated by Nick Kyrgios.The Scot played well in his first competitive match since the hip injury that saw him miss almost a year, and was given a good workout over three sets that took two hours 39 minutes.Now, he faces another stern test with Wawrinka a formidable opponent who could end Murray’s hopes of a run of matches ahead of Wimbledon. The Scot hasn’t yet confirmed if he will play at SW19.last_img read more

Ask It Results: If You Could Visit an International Park

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first_img(c) DisneyAm I still the only person in the world who has to stop myself from calling it Euro Disney? Yes? Well, okay then. Because a trip to France is a relatively short flight away (compared with say, China), this tends to be a popular first exploration of international Disney parks for some. And there certainly are some headliners there that make it a worthwhile visit. For starters, the castle is a sight worth seeing, complete with a dragon! (How cool is that?) Crush’s Coaster, a 20,000 Leagues Nautilus attraction, and Phantom Manor are all must-see attractions you won’t find elsewhere. Yet some people who visit have said that there’s something just a bit missing in the magic at times. Now that Disney has taken over ownership and has said that investments are coming in the park, we’ll see if there’s enough pixie dust to have people visit–and come back.Tokyo (927 votes, 52%) So that’s the results for this week’s Ask It. Do you agree with the results? Got any trips to these parks scheduled? Let us know in the comments. Next week’s Ask It is live on the blog and on Twitter. We’ll see you next week!*Percentages total >100 due to rounding. Share This!Greetings, AskIt readers! If you’re reading this it means one of two things–either my house made it safe and sound through Hurricane Irma, and I have electricity to continue with life as usual or I’m writing this before the storm hits and having Laurel add the numbers for the final results. Either way, there was no chance that I’d miss sharing these results with you–especially because as the storm rolled in, a visit to any of these parks sounded like a much better option than where I was at!But enough chit chat about the weather. Last week we asked you:If you could visit one international Disney theme park location, which would you choose?And while the obvious answer is Gotta See ’em All, there were some clear preferences.Hong Kong (85 votes, 5%) I don’t think any Disney park has been subject to as much criticism before it opened than Shanghai. Even in its first year of operation, so many people have talked negatively about the park, the people of China, anyone associated with the project, anyone who orders soup dumplings from a take-out restaurant…you name it. Then a funny thing started happening. People actually went and visited. Suddenly, the discourse turned from “Iger’s folly” to “You know, this is actually a really cool park.” It certainly is a word of mouth success, beating attendance estimates and coming close to breaking even in its first year. Currently, it is on its way to becoming the most profitable Disney park worldwide. The technology in the Pirates ride is jaw-droppingly good, the castle is huge, and the TRON coaster is something that even the biggest critics of Shanghai admit that they’re very eager to see duplicated in Walt Disney World. Plus, it’s new, shiny, and exotic. No surprise that this one has become a desirable vacation dream destination.Paris (387 votes, 22%)center_img (c) DisneyOuch. Sorry, Hong Kong. People just aren’t feeling the love. Disney’s well aware that this park doesn’t get a lot of love from its international guests. They certainly are doing a lot to try and help improve the park, however, with announcements about a Frozen land, a Marvel land, a Moana stage show, and yes, even rebuilding the castle to make it bigger and better. So while many of you don’t feel the need to make a trip there now, let’s see if views change by 2023.Shanghai (384 votes, 22%) (c) DisneyI have a feeling that if Tokyo DisneySea didn’t exist, the number of people who would vote for Tokyo might go down. Even though Tokyo Disneyland is a beautiful park with some amazing attractions, the real draw of visiting Tokyo is DisneySea, a park that is unique in all the world. From Journey to the Center of the Earth to the new Nemo and Friends SeaRider, and Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage to the kid-friendly area of Mermaid Lagoon, there is really something for everyone. To top it off, the park is beautiful! It is a must-Sea for any Disney fan.last_img read more

Spencer/Columbus football whips Oconto in WIAA Division 5 Level 1 playoff

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first_imgWin sets up rematch for Rockets with AmherstBy Paul LeckerSports ReporterSPENCER — While Spencer/Columbus’ high-powered offense, led by senior running back Hunter Luepke, has earned much of the hype this season, the Rockets’ defense has been just as stellar.Not much changed in the Rockets’ WIAA Division 5 Level 1 playoff on Friday night.Luepke racked up six more touchdowns, giving him 39 this season, and the Spencer/Columbus defense allowed just 178 yards as the Rockets rolled to a 49-17 victory over Oconto at Spencer High School.Spencer/Columbus (9-1) moves on to a Level 2 game at Amherst (9-1) on Oct. 27. This is the third-straight year the Rockets and Falcons will meet in the postseason. Amherst beat Spencer/Columbus 42-0 in the Division 5 state championship game in 2015 and 42-14 in a Level 2 playoff game a year ago.Spencer/Columbus’ defense allowed the Blue Devils seven first downs, with four of those coming on Oconto’s lone touchdown drive late in third quarter.Spencer/Columbus running back Hayden Bauman (42) goes for a big run during the Rockets’ win over Oconto on Friday at Spencer High School. Bauman racked up 111 yards rushing for the Rockets.“The defense was stellar tonight,” Spencer/Columbus coach Jason Gorst said. “I thought Coach (Todd) Hildebrandt put together a great game plan. Guys came out and executed it, very good tackling, and really got down and disruptive up front, and I thought our defensive backs really made plays.”Senior safety Bubba Post made a number of big tackles on the outside to keep the Blue Devils from making long gains.“He’s a heck of a ballplayer, a good senior football player,” Gorst said. “He didn’t get a ton of playing time early in the season, but he has a great attitude and sticks with it. He played a key role tonight. He’s a sure tackler, doesn’t matter the size of anybody, and made some really great open field tackles. I’m really proud of his effort and contribution tonight.”Oconto’s defense proved to be a formidable foe early, holding Spencer/Columbus in check. However, the Blue Devils still could not get off the field.Luepke picked up a first down on a fourth-down fake punt to keep the first drive of the game alive. Spencer/Columbus picked up two more first downs, and eventually Luepke ran in from the 3 to culminate the 13-play, 72-yard drive that gobbled up the first 6:28 of the game.Luepke scored again on the first play of the second quarter from 50 yards out on fourth-and-2, which put the Rockets up 14-0.Oconto (7-3) got on the scoreboard with a safety after a dropped snap on a punt attempt by Luepke. Spencer/Columbus then proceeded to score on five of its next six possessions.Luepke caught a 24-yard TD pass from Jarred Mandel to make it 21-2 at halftime. Luepke then added TD runs of 5 and 12 yards in the third quarter, and 59 yards early in the fourth.Sophomore Hayden Bauman, who added 111 yards rushing in the win, capped the scoring with a 14-yard touchdown run with 4:01 remaining.Oconto’s Isaac Woller ran back the opening kickoff of the second half 90 yards for a touchdown, and the Blue Devils’ lone offensive points came on a 3-yard TD run from Bryce O’Connor on the first play of the fourth quarter.Next up is the two-time defending Division 5 state champion Amherst. While the players may be different, the Falcons are as potent as ever. Amherst won its playoff opener 53-6 over Colby on Friday.“They run a similar scheme to what they have, and we know the quality of program, the quality of the players and coaches over there, and have a lot of respect for them,” Gorst said.(Hub City Times Sports Reporter Paul Lecker is also the publisher of MarshfieldAreaSports.com.)Rockets 49, Blue Devils 17Oconto 0 2 7 8 – 17Spencer/Columbus 7 14 14 14 – 49First QuarterSC – Hunter Luepke 3 run (Evan Dieringer kick), 5:32.Second QuarterSC – Luepke 50 run (Dieringer kick), 11:49.O – Safety, 4:51.SC – Luepke 24 pass from Jarred Mandel (Dieringer kick), 2:29.Third QuarterO – Isaac Woller 90 kickoff return (Carson Moe kick), 11:46.SC – Luepke 5 run (Dieringer kick), 8:29.SC – Luepke 12 run (Dieringer kick), 2:20.Fourth QuarterO – Bryce O’Connor 3 run (Moe pass from Jake Krueger), 11:54.SC – Luepek 59 run (Dieringer kick), 10:12.SC – Hayden Bauman 14 run (Dieringer kick), 4:01.Team StatisticsFirst downs: Oconto 7; Spencer/Columbus 15.Rushing (att-yards): O 27-87; SC 48-406.Passing (comp-att-yards-int): O 7-18-91-1; SC 5-12-134-0.Total yards: O 178; SC 540.Penalties (no.-yards): O 5-45; SC 8-63.Fumbles (total-lost): O 1-1; SC 1-0.Punting (no.-avg.): O 4-32.8; SC 1-40.0.Individual StatisticsRushing: O, Zach Sherman 5-37, Bryce O’Connor 13-31, Isaac Woller 2-13, Carson Moe 2-5, Issac Diaz 2-3, Edwards Russell 1-0, Jake Krueger 2-minus 2. SC, Hunter Luepke 22-260, Hayden Bauman 13-111, Carson Hildebrandt 9-36, Austin Bacon 1-minus 1, Colton Schillinger 2-minus 2, Mandel 2-minus 8.Passing: O, Krueger 7-18-91-1. SC, Mandel 5-12-134-0.Receiving: O, Isaac Woller 2-33, O’Connor 1-24, Troy Wenzel 1-17, Sherman 1-7, Bennett Frazer 1-6, Evan Allan 1-4. SC, Bauman 2-71, Ethan Meece 1-35, Luepke 1-24, Hildebrandt 1-4.Fumble recoveries (defense): SC, Hildebrandt.Interceptions (defense): SC, Lukas Ellefson.Punting: O, Sherman 4-32.8. SC, Luepke 1-40.0.Records: Oconto 7-3; Spencer/Columbus 9-1.last_img read more