Hubert Lawrence | The ungrateful and unreasonable side of football

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first_imgIt’s ironic that Andrew Peart has had to defend his position after taking Jamaica College (JC) to the ISSA-Digicel Manning Cup semi-final and the ISSA Champions Cup final in his first year as head football coach. For almost any other team, that would be a fine start to his tenure. For Peart, it comes at a school used to winning and pales in comparison to the last five years of unparalleled success. When JC won the Olivier Shield last year, it broke a tie with Vere Technical, whose dream teams of the late 1960s won the shield, the time-honoured symbol of schoolboy football supremacy, four times straight. That’s what Coach Peart is up against. HARSH FANS Logic says that he is off to a good start, but fans can be harsh. Just this season, supporters of the successful Bayern Munich Bundesliga team booed their team off the pitch at their own Alliance Arena. Bayern were going through a bad patch, but have won the Bundesliga six times straight, including last season, and almost always make a deep run in the UEFA Champions League. Last Saturday, Chelsea endured a horrible day at Wembley and fell to local rivals Tottenham Hotspurs 3-1. The loss was Chelsea’s first of the Premier League season, yet Blues fans streamed out long before the game was over. You’d think Chelsea were in Manchester, but Stamford Bridge, the club’s home ground, is less than 40 minutes away from Wembley. Fans can be fickle here in Jamaica, too. Five years ago, when Jamaica was trying to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the Reggae Boyz fell behind the USA at the National Stadium. With 15 minutes to go and the 1-0 scoreline favouring the visitors, fans drifted to the exit. Some presumably were well on their way home or in the Stadium car park when Jamaica equalised. Those on their way out turned back when they heard the roar of the faithful. It’s the way of football, and Peart isn’t the only high school coach in the hot seat. Though he has led Kingston College (KC) to trophies in his two seasons back at home, Ludlow Bernard is reportedly in the firing line. If his Purple-and-Whites do not win against St George’s College tomorrow in the ISSA-Digicel Manning Cup final, the curtain may fall on his reign at North Street. Ironically, again, KC haven’t won the Manning Cup since 1986 and, until 2018, hadn’t reached the Manning Cup final in 18 years. Bernard must be doing something good. Last season, Crystal Palace fired their new coach Frank de Boer after just four games in charge. Just weeks before, the club went into a long song and dance about how de Boer would transform Palace football. Four games and four losses into the experiment with the Dutchman’s Ajax style 3-4-3 formation, Crystal Palace fired him before the experiment could really get going. As hasty as that seems, others say that football is a result-oriented business and that the Dutchman had to go. On the results, it seems that Peart and Bernard, win or lose tomorrow, have done enough to earn extended stays at Hope Road and North Street, respectively. Peart has taken over from the super successful Miguel Coley and lost to two veteran head coaches – Neville Bell of St George’s College in the Manning Cup semi-final and to Dr Dean Weatherly of Cornwall College in the Champions Cup final. As for Bernard, he has brought trophies back to 2A North Street. Hubert Lawrence has made notes at track since 1980.last_img read more

Blaming everyone but themselves, APNU/AFC continues to bungle everything in sight

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first_imgAfter four years in Government, there are many disappointing things the Guyanese people invariably expect from the David Granger-led A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government, one prime example being its pathological blaming of others. It is never their fault, it is always someone else’s fault, no matter how preposterous their excuse seems. Whether it is the stagnation of the economy, the rampant corruption, the incompetence and mismanagement, APNU/AFC always finds someone to blame. The deterioration in the health sector, the spiralling crime, the daunting unemployment problem, loss of export earnings, the rising debt, the exclusion of youth, rising domestic violence, everything in Guyana is somebody’s fault, but APNU/AFC’s.The Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo, provided ample evidence exposing the brazen trafficking in people, spawned within the Ministry of Citizenship. At his press conference, the Opposition Leader presented evidence showing alleged persons, with foreign-sounding names, but all with the same picture, being granted citizenship. It is not just suspicious minds, but clearly the groundwork for fictitious names padding the voters’ list is being laid out. Caught red-handed, the Minister of Citizenship blamed the mouthpiece of the Government, the Guyana Chronicle, for putting out the wrong advertisement. The Guyana Chronicle, for their part, was not willing to admit to the “crime”. Rather, like their bosses, they blamed the computer. It was a computer glitch, nothing more they claimed.But it is now more than a week, we see no correction from anybody. The Ministry of Citizenship has failed to prove it sent any material different from the advertisement. The Guyana Chronicle has not shown that it placed anything different in the computer than what the computer put out. Of course, computers put out what you put in, garbage in, the same garbage out. The fact is clear, the Ministry was creating ID of fake people so they could pad the voters’ list. They did not expect anyone was paying attention to the advertisement which is a requisite part of the process to grant citizenship to a foreigner.A Police station under construction in La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara, has failed several completion deadlines. The Public Security Minister refuses to take responsibility, claiming it is a “builder’s fault”. Even if it is a builder’s fault that led to the initial failure, why is it that the Ministry did not take action? The same Minister refuses to take any responsibility for the delay in the Smart City Project, a project designed to expand the CCTV surveillance capacity in Georgetown. The project already procured all the CCTV equipment, but has been plagued with several delays. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has, in fact, just withdrew from funding. The Minister blamed the IDB, claiming the IDB withdrew because the contract for expanding the CCTV capacity was granted to the Chinese communication firm, Huawei. The Minister further claims he needs a supplementary budget to complete the project. But I am confused, if the IDB withdrew because of Huawei, why did they release funds for Huawei to supply the equipment?The Minister in the Communities Ministry with responsibility for Housing, Valarie Patterson-Yearwood, was caught red-handed in a scandalous conflict of interest issue in which her husband has had more than one contract to build homes for her Ministry. Her response was typical of the standard APNU/AFC excuse – it is not her, not her Ministry, but the fault of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA). The Minister was emphatic that she and her Ministry have nothing to do with contracts for building homes for Government distribution. Yet, there is ample evidence the Minister and her Ministry were directly involved, including newspaper pictures. In any case, CH&PA is an authority under her supervision. The buck stops with her. Compounding the problem is that the CH&PA itself raised the issue of a conflict of interest from the initial stages.Every day, there is at least one more example of someone else blamed for wrongdoing. APNU/AFC is never responsible. This has become the hallmark of APNU/AFC’s governance in Guyana. Besides blaming other people and other agencies for their mismanagement, incompetence and corruption, APNU/AFC blames everything on the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and Bharrat Jagdeo. The examples are preposterous and troubling. They blame Jagdeo that the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Modernisation and Expansion project has long past its completion deadline, has more than 1400 defects, has been downscaled, from new terminal to rehabilitated ones, and for the Government paying US$35 million for sand worth US$5 million. They blame Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP for closing the sugar estates and for unemployment of more than 7000 sugar workers. They blame the PPP for the severe delay in payment of severance to sugar workers laid off after APNU/AFC closed the sugar estates. Now that we have drought-like conditions, APNU/AFC cries it is Bharrat Jagdeo’s fault the gods are angry.last_img read more

Response to Fredrick Kissoon

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first_imgDear Editor,The Hindus for Selfless Service (HSS) denounces the vicious and unwarranted attack on Swami Aksharananda in the above mentioned column. As is his habit, he questions the credentials of the revered Swami” and calls him a “priest”. This not a matter of Kissoon’s ignorance but a continued calculated, transparent but cowardly attempt to engage in an ad hominem attack, since he implies that Swamiji is somehow inflating his qualifications. If Swamiji had elected to be a “priest”, and the proper term is “pandit” or even more technically “purohit”, he would have been addressed as Dr Odai Pal Singh.Unlike some who claimed to be holders of PhD’s and call themselves “Doctor”, Swamiji’s doctorate was earned at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, one of the premier universities in the US. This was what he renounced in addition to the desire for material possessions, progeny and fame, when he was initiated into the order of Sanyasis (Monks) in India. Since his return to Guyana as a Swami in 1994, no one can point a finger at him for not observing the strictures of the Dasnami Order of Sanyasis founded by Adi Shankaracharya more than a millennia ago.On the allegations that Swamiji engaged in race baiting interventions in the press, the one instance he chose to illustrate his claim exposes Kissoon’s mendacity. Where is the “racist” content of Swamiji calling for an “ethnic impact statement” on the dismissals when the APNU Manifesto promises such statements? On Swamiji’s denunciation of the hate-filled fulminations of Pastor Anderson in Central High School he offered concrete examples. Could Kissoon point to such examples in any of Swamiji’s writing?We call upon the publishers of the Kaieteur News to exercise more care in what they allow their paper to publish, especially when it defames such a reputable figure in the largest religious segment in Guyana’s multi-religious society.Sincerely,Vishal SeerajHSS (Guyana)last_img read more

Fire guts unoccupied Diamond house

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first_img…neighbours report hearing explosionA midmorning fire has gutted an unoccupied house at Diamond New Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara, but mystery surrounds the blaze, as relatives of the owner were reportedly informed by an unknown caller about the incident.Relatives of the owner at the scene moments after the blazeReports are about 09:15h on Wednesday, neighbours saw smoke coming from the Lot 1819 Section C Diamond house. Firefighters arrived at the scene some 45 minutes later, but by then the inside of the house was significantly scorched. The blaze eventually caused millions of dollars in losses.The owner of the flat concrete house was not available to speak to this publication, but relatives present, who were assessing the damage, explained that the house has been unoccupied for the past few weeks. A female relative indicated that she received a call from a private number informing her that the house was burning down.The family members added that they were unsure as to what could have caused the fire, and noted that they never had electrical issues when they lived there. Technicians from the Guyana Power and Light Inc were on site, inspecting the electricity meter and making other checks around the premises.Neighbours who gathered recalled hearing explosions coming from inside the house before the roof went up in flames. Additionally, a gas bottle which appeared to be leaking was seen lying in a trench in front of the home, moments after firefighters had contained the blaze.Members of the Guyana Fire Service and the Guyana Police Force are conducting their investigations.last_img read more

Leaders of NDP, United Conservatives rally troops in key Calgary battleground

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first_imgCALGARY, A.B. – It was back to the future at a United Conservative campaign rally in Calgary where leader Jason Kenney stirred up the crowd by talking about the old national energy program.Kenney reminded supporters last night that the NEP brought in by former prime minister Pierre Trudeau in 1980 ravaged Alberta’s energy industry and economy.And he says the policies of Alberta’s NDP government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have been doing the same thing.- Advertisement -Kenney says Premier Rachel Notley has sold Alberta out to the federal Liberals and it is time for a bright new day under his leadership.Notley was also in the key election battleground city, firing up her supporters at her own rally by promising to protect education and health care and promoting her plan to diversify the economy.Notley says there is no place for right-wing extremism, racism or hate in Alberta, especially in the legislature.Advertisement She says she doesn’t believe Kenney is racist but says his party has a problem with racism.last_img read more

60 tons of ivory OK’d for trade to Japan

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first_imgTHE HAGUE, Netherlands – The agency that oversees international trade involving rare animals on Saturday approved the sale of 60 tons of ivory to Japan despite fears it could lead to increased poaching of endangered elephants. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species said its officials would closely monitor the sale to see whether it affects the black market. South Africa, Botswana and Namibia are selling the ivory from stocks gathered from elephants that have died naturally. All three countries pledged to deposit the revenue in trust funds for further conservation. The decision preceded the formal opening on Sunday of a 12-day conference by the 171-nation CITES, which meets every two to three years to consider amending its lists of trade restrictions. Sellar, the secretariat’s expert on illegal trading, said he did not believe allowing the one-off sale would influence a debate later during the conference on whether to relax or tighten the 1989 ban. CITES lists more than 7,000 animals and 32,000 plants whose trade is regulated. About 800 highly threatened species are banned from commercial trade, with few exceptions.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The sale was adopted by CITES’ 18-country standing committee, which meets annually. John Sellar of the CITES secretariat said it was completely separate from the black market. “There’s no way that a poacher can get into the system,” he said. Still, the exception to the ban on ivory trade – the second since the ban was imposed in 1989 – was opposed by several African countries, which feared it would spur poaching. It also revealed a split among nongovernment agencies dedicated to defending the diversity of plants and animals. The World Wild Fund for Nature said it was satisfied with the controls surrounding the sale, but a broad range of other groups denounced the decision. “It’s very frustrating that the facts about the scale of the illegal trade were completely ignored,” said Peter Pueschel, of the International Fund for Animal Welfare. He said the level of intercepted illegal ivory had reached record levels in the past two years. last_img read more

KTLA-TV Channel 5 studio up for sale

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first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! HOLLYWOOD -The historic former Warner Bros. studio on Sunset Boulevard, now occupied by television station KTLA-TV Channel 5, has been put up for sale by Tribune Co. No price has been set for the block-size property at the southeast corner of Sunset and Bronson Avenue that also houses Tribune Entertainment and Tribune Studios. Other studios and historic properties in the neighborhood have sold for millions of dollars in recent years as investors race to take part in Hollywood’s resurgence. A real estate expert who asked not to be identified valued the property at about $175 million, The Times reported. Nearby Sunset-Gower Studios, the former Columbia Pictures headquarters, sold this month for more than $200 million. KTLA occupies the prominent Colonial-style mansion built by Warner Bros. in 1919. City officials have expressed hope that the property would remain entertainment industry-oriented. Several historic properties in Hollywood are being turned into condos, apartments and shops. Television shows filmed at Tribune’s production facilities on the property — but separate from KTLA — include “Judge Judy,” “Judge Joe Brown” and “Hannah Montana.” Chicago-based Tribune, which also owns The Times, has retained real estate brokerage Cushman & Wakefield “to explore strategic alternatives for the property,” Gary Weitman, a Tribune spokesman, told The Times. Even after a sale, KTLA would remain at its current location as a tenant for an indefinite period, Carl Muhlstein, a Cushman & Wakefield broker, told the newspaper. last_img read more

Injury to sideline Beckham 6 weeks

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first_imgWith Beckham’s fears confirmed, the diagnosis means he may have played his last game for the Galaxy this season, or possibly his last game at Home Depot Center. If the recovery runs the expected six weeks, Beckham would return the second week in October – in time for the Galaxy’s final three games (Oct. 13 vs. Toronto, Oct. 18 vs. New York, and Oct. 21 at Chicago) and for England’s final three European Championship qualifiers (Oct. 13 vs. Estonia, Oct. 17 at Russia, and Nov.21 vs. Croatia). But if Beckham is recovered by then and is called up by England manager Steve McClaren, he would miss the two Galaxy home games. Of course, with the Galaxy mired in last place in the 13-team MLS and England stuck in fourth place in a group chasing two qualifying spots for next summer’s tournament, Beckham may not have much to play for with club or country when he returns. Beckham’s injury further stamps this season as a lost opportunity for the Galaxy and MLS, and figures to bring continued criticism for Coach Frank Yallop, President Alexi Lalas, AEG president Tim Leiwicke and MLS commissioner Don Garber for not doing more to protect their investment. Beckham’s ankle injury was aggravated by him playing before it was fully recovered, and it may have been a contributing factor in the knee sprain. “I went into the tackle and whether I was compensating for my left ankle, which everyone knows is not fully fit,” Beckham said. “So whether I compensated and had gone into the tackle a little bit weaker than I would have done had I been fully fit, I don’t know.” When Beckham signed a five-year, $32.5 million contract with the Galaxy in January – more than double the next-highest paid player in MLS – it was hailed as a landmark day for MLS and soccer in America. Even though he had been benched at Real Madrid and dropped from England, leading some to consider him over-the- hill, Beckham still had the marketing cachet to draw sponsors and customers to the 11-year-old league. When Beckham found his way back with England and Real Madrid – leading the Spanish club to a league title – the move only enhanced the league’s credibility. But after spraining his left ankle while playing for England against Estonia on June 9, he took three pain-killing shots to play the La Liga-clinching game for Real Madrid a week later. The ankle has been slow to heal, the recovery was hampered by Beckham playing before it was not fully recovered, including a stretch when he tried to play three games in six days in New York, London and Los Angeles. In all, he’s been on the field for just 310 minutes since he arrived in mid-July. That works out, with his half-season salary, to $10,483.87 per minute. Despite his scant playing time and his gimpy left ankle, Beckham delivered the type of moments on the field that he’s built his international profile on – swerving free kicks and a flair for the dramatic. In his first start, Aug. 15 against D.C. United, he scored on one of his slicing free kicks – sending the hapless goalie the opposite way in a SuperLiga semifinal win. A few days later in New York, more than 66,000 turned out to watch Beckham and he didn’t disappoint, setting up a pair of goals off set pieces and playing the entire match as the Galaxy lost, 5-4. “He’s playing with an injury. He shouldn’t be playing, to be honest, but he’s playing – that shows the character of him,” said Yallop, who apologized last week for playing Beckham 90 minutes against Chivas USA, some 32 hours after he’d played a full match for England. Yet the signing of Beckham also has helped put the Galaxy in the midst of the worst season in franchise history. They’ve won just three MLS games in five months. Players and coaches have become increasingly critical of a schedule that was heavily back-loaded by the league so that Beckham could play in each of the league’s 11 other markets. But the club, in an effort to improve its marketing profile and sell more merchandise, also entered a two-game exhibition tournament that included English super-club Chelsea, the inaugural SuperLiga tournament, and exhibitions scheduled for early October in Vancouver and Minneapolis, and November in Sydney, Australia. A team spokesman said Galaxy executives are speaking with promoters in Vancouver, where 45,000 tickets have been sold for the scheduled Oct. 3 game, and Minneapolis, where an Oct. 10 game is slated against a minor-league team, about possibly postponing or canceling the matches. While the Galaxy have won just one of the six games Beckham appeared in, he still has made a difference. “We’re markedly better when he’s on the field,” said Chris Klein, whose bicycle kick goal sent in the 93rd minute sent Wednesday’s game into overtime. “I think just having his presence around the guys gives us a much-needed boost. When he’s not there – I don’t know what his injury is – it hurts us.” For one night, at least, the Galaxy responded well when they didn’t have Beckham, especially after halftime. Suddenly, Landon Donovan – given back the captain’s armband he’d offered up to Beckham – was making aggressive runs through the defense. Midfielders Kevin Harmse and Cobi Jones were aggressively challenging Pachuca players, forcing errant passes. And fullbacks Klein and Mike Randolph were hustling down the flanks to create dangerous chances. Still, nobody suggested the Galaxy were better off without their star. “It doesn’t bring more pressure, it just hurts us on the field,” Donovan said. “We’re going to miss him.” billy.witz@dailynews.com160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! SOCCER: Galaxy star has a sprained MCL in his right knee from his SuperLiga tumble. By Billy Witz STAFF WRITER Just when he was starting to recover from the sprained left ankle that had hobbled his introduction to America, David Beckham learned Thursday that a sprained right knee he suffered in Wednesday’s SuperLiga final would sideline him for six weeks. The Galaxy star was diagnosed with a sprained medial collateral ligament by team physician Dr. Ron Kvitne after undergoing an MRI exam Thursday. Beckham was injured 30 minutes into the Galaxy’s dramatic penalty-kick loss at Home Depot Center when he and Pachuca defender Francisco Salazar went after a loose ball. Beckham, who arrived at the ball an instant after Salazar, hit it with his right foot, twisting his knee in the process and sending him flying to the turf, where he lay face down. When he rose, he hobbled off the field and went straight to the bench. Though he returned to the sideline, dressed in a coat and tie for the penalty shootout, Beckham feared a significant injury. “It’s gone from one thing to another,” said an emotional Beckham, who hobbled up to an interview podium afterward. “It’s hard to tell, but it doesn’t feel good. With a ligament strain, it’s four to six weeks, but we’ll have to see.” last_img read more

Championship news: Royals go above Tykes after racing to victory

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first_img Joey van den Berg’s strike put Jaap Stam’s side in control 1 Reading moved above Barnsley in the Sky Bet Championship table with a comfortable 3-0 victory at Madejski Stadium.Reading went two goals in front inside the opening half-hour through a Dave Edwards header and long-range effort from Joey van den Berg.Barnsley rallied after the interval but their challenge ended when substitute Jon Dadi Bodvarsson headed home two minutes from time.Reading had not won in three matches and had secured only two victories in nine home league games this season.Barnsley boasted a four-match unbeaten run on the road but had lost their past two fixtures – both at home – to Cardiff and Leeds.They sat level on 20 points with Reading but above them due to a marginal advantage on goal difference.Reading manager Jaap Stam named an unchanged line-up for the first time this season and his side made the stronger opening.Mo Barrow crossed from the left and Barnsley captain Angus MacDonald, a former Reading youth player, cleared the danger with a diving header.From the resultant corner, Sone Aluko drove wildly over after finding space on the edge of the Barnsley area.Another dangerous cross from Barrow was hacked to safety, Liam Kelly had a well-struck shot blocked and then Barrow wasted a promising move with a poor centre.Reading were eventually rewarded for their attacking intent when they went ahead in the 20th minute.Kelly swung in a corner from the left and Edwards rose unmarked at the near post to nod in his second goal of the season.Barnsley goalkeeper Adam Davies tried to keep the ball out but it had already crossed the line.Nine minutes later, Reading increased their lead after a fine solo run from midfielder Van Den Berg.He unleashed a superb 25-yard drive that flew past Davies into the top of the net for his first goal of the campaign.Barnsley head coach Paul Heckingbottom made a triple substitution at half time, bringing on leading scorer Tom Bradshaw, Matty Pearson and Mamadou Thiam.It had an initial effect, with Barnsley creating a spell of pressure not seen in the first half, but it came to nothing.Reading began to find space on the break, in front of their lowest league crowd of the season of 13,317, and Aluko went close to making it 3-0 from a Barrow pass.Defender Liam Moore also hit a post from 20 yards as Barnsley’s attempted comeback – though Harvey Barnes did strike an upright late on – eventually petered out.Bodvarsson then secured the victory when stooping to nod in the rebound after Davies had tipped an Adrian Popa shot on to the crossbar.last_img read more

9 Finalists Announced: 2018 (R)Tech Asset Protection Innovation Awards

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first_imgThe Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) recently announced nine finalists for the 2018 (R)Tech Asset Protection Innovation Awards. The awards showcase game-changing technologies that mitigate total retail loss and recognizes visionary companies that are developing these solutions.Finalists were identified by a group of AP technology experts and the winners, including first, second and third place, and retailers’ choice, will be announced live from the main stage at the 2018 Retail Asset Protection Conference, April 29 – May 2 in Orlando, FL.“Like asset protection executives, solution providers are looking for ways to be relevant in today’s retail environment and influence how the industry solves its most pressing problems. Innovation inspires progress,” said Lisa LaBruno, RILA’s senior vice president of retail operations. “The Innovation Awards are a chance for retailers to single out cutting-edge technology and recognize those companies spurring innovation for the benefit of the retail AP industry. We look forward to showcasing these technologies in Orlando.”- Sponsor – 2018 (R)Tech Asset Protection: Innovation Awards finalists are:ALTO Axis Communications Deep Science LiveSafe Profitect T+Ink Verkada Iovation GenetecLast year’s winners can be found here. For more information, visit the awards homepage. Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more