NFL: Patriots, fans celebrate with snowy parade

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first_imgPalace: Crisis over ABS-CBN franchise unlikely READ: Brady leads biggest Super Bowl comeback, Patriots win in OTRiding in duck boats, a trademark land and water vehicle familiar to the Boston faithful, the Patriots slowly made their way down Boylston Street in downtown Boston on the way to City Hall.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSEnd of his agony? SC rules in favor of Espinosa, orders promoter heirs to pay boxing legendSPORTSBreak new groundSPORTSMcGregor blasts Cerrone in 40 seconds in UFC returnFans chanted Brady’s name at times and he even caught a football and threw it back with a perfect spiral to a telecaster. At City Hall, a pep rally allowed Brady to speak with the fans.“One more,” Brady yelled. “I told you we were going to bring this sucker home and we brought it home. Thank you guys. We do it for you. “These aren’t easy to do, but this team gave everything it had and… damn, that game was hard. That game was real hard, but you know what, we’re going to remember this moment for the rest of our lives.”Brady threw for a Super Bowl record 466 yards and two touchdowns to earn a fourth Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award.READ: Brady gives credit to his mom, White for Super Bowl MVP winPatriots owner Robert Kraft called Brady and Belichick the greatest of all time, using the initials G.O.A.T.“There has been a lot of talk over the last couple weeks about goats,” Kraft said. “And you all know we have the G.O.A.T. when it comes to players in Tom Brady. We have the G.O.A.T. when it comes to coaches in Bill Belichick. And I (want) you to know that my family and our organization feel that we have the G.O.A.T. of fans on the planet.”ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Kings nail semis berth New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick hold Super Bowl trophies during a rally Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017, in Boston to celebrate Sunday’s 34-28 win over the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL Super Bowl 51 football game in Houston. (Barry Chin /The Boston Globe via AP, Pool)Members of the New England Patriots hold up Super Bowl trophies and gesture to the crowd during a rally Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017, in Boston to celebrate Sunday’s 34-28 win over the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL Super Bowl 51 football game in Houston. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)NEW YORK—Thousands of New England Patriots supporters filled Boston streets on a cold and snowy Tuesday for the NFL team’s Super Bowl 51 victory celebration parade.The Patriots defeated Atlanta 34-28 in overtime on Sunday in Houston, bringing star quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick their fifth NFL crowns.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES 98% of residents in Taal Volcano’s 14-kilometer danger zone evacuated – DILG Poe chides LTFRB exec over termination of motorcycle taxi pilot study MOST READ Motorcycle taxis ‘illegal’ starting next week — LTFRB board member Motorcycle taxis ‘illegal’ starting next week — LTFRB board member Municipal councilor nabbed for indiscriminate firing in Leyte Marcos monument beside Aquino’s stirs Tarlac town Filipinos turn Taal Volcano ash, plastic trash into bricks PLAY LIST 01:40Filipinos turn Taal Volcano ash, plastic trash into bricks01:32Taal Volcano watch: Island fissures steaming, lake water receding02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite Panelo: Duterte only wants to emulate strong political will of Marcos View comments 15 Taal towns now under total lockdown Belichick led fans in chants of “No days off”.“These players, they work harder than any team I’ve ever coached,” Belichick said. “They came to work every day and there were no days off.”Fans watch a parade for the New England Patriots, Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017, through Copley Square in Boston, to celebrate the team’s 34-28 win over the Atlanta Falcons in Sunday’s NFL Super Bowl 51 football game in Houston. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Nextlast_img read more

No equity…

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first_img…in tax payingThere’s a report that Exxon paid absolutely NO taxes on revenues of US$13.7B from petroleum products it extracted in, of all places, Australia! Your Eyewitness says “of all places” because most folks think corporations only avoid paying taxes to backward, Third World countries like Guyana and the Congo! Did everyone miss the news about Apple (which is as American as…well…apple pie!) registering its European business in Ireland – which has the lowest taxes in the continent?It did that, of course, to avoid paying taxes in the US!! But when Ireland revised its tax laws in 2013, Apple moved its US$252B cash assets to the tax haven of Jersey islands – as revealed in the Paradise Papers!! Why pay the US 35% or even Ireland’s 12.5% when you can get away with .0005%!! The irony is the EU just slapped a US$13Billion fine on Apple – which Ireland doesn’t want to accept because it doesn’t want to offend Apple!!And this is where we return to Exxon and its financial practices. Are folks so naïve to believe multinationals will “do the right thing” and pay taxes because we’re so poor and backward. Hey! In the neo-liberal world of business we now inhabit, the rule is “Show no mercy! Take them for as much as you can get!!” The thing is – if one corporation doesn’t make as much profits as they can, they soon get eaten up by those that do. It’s a ‘corporation eat corporation” world out there!!But we’re even more confused about the outrage in Guyana about what Exxon may pay in taxes here. As the contract will reveal – if it is ever released, and that’s not likely!! – Exxon will be allowed to first deduct up to 75% of revenues to cover its “development and operational “expenses. Which accounting firms in the world (not just Guyana’s) can figure out the REAL expenses when Australia’s couldn’t – after Exxon ran them through the maze of 500+ offshore paper companies. That’s how the world turns!But Guyana wont even get this “maze” treatment. “Why?” you ask dear reader? As your Eyewitness has been pointing out for over a year, the contract Trotman “renegotiated” says that EXXON’s TAXES WILL COME OUT OF THE GOVERNMENT OF GUYANA’S REVENUES!!! Yep! You heard that right…GUYANA will be paying Exxon taxes!! So if you have a gripe…take it up with the government..And you moan and whimper, “But that’s not fair!”? Well, like they say, “all is fair in love and war”. And in the neo-liberal capitalist model we now enjoy, business is the new form of war!!And as our Foreign Minister Greenidge, advises, “Please…no cussing. Of Exxon”!!…in Parking metersThe Gang of Four at City Hall and Smart City Solutions must’ve figured the dust has settled over their Parking Meter heist. The City Council Committee proposed citizens should be happy to fork over $150 per hour for the privilege of parking in our fair city! Now your Eyewitness does believe parking meters are a legitimate vehicle (forgive the pun!) to raise revenues and at the same time control congestion in the city.But at the same time, these must be balanced against the economic realities our people face. Can an average city worker afford to pay $1200/daily for parking? That’s $24,000/monthly! You be the judge, dear reader. But the folks at MAPM have opposed to the “settlement” for even more valid and fundamental reasons: the contract was void from the beginning!!At a minimum, they point out, the law demands that there should’ve been a bidding process?Why don’t we begin there? If Smart City is so good, they should win, no? …in Crime Chief demotionPublic Security Minister Ramjattan assured us Crime Chief Blanhum did a “fantastic” job and would be back after his vacation. Now after Blanhum’s demoted, he says it was the Commish’s call.He doesn’t know his own job description?last_img read more

Trump’s objectification of women

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first_imgThe Donald Trump campaign for the US presidency represents one of the fastest ascents by an outsider to secure the nomination of either of the two dominant American political parties. His fall might be just as record-breaking. Trump has been known for years for his candid, off-the-cuff remarks about women that frequently bordered on misogyny: “Fat. Pig. Dog. Slob. Disgusting animal” were some of his milder descriptions of them. Most of the objectionable comments were based on his objectification of women.But when a video of a conversation that was inadvertently recorded on an open mike had him describing – using the “f” word – how he wanted to have sex with a married woman and “grabbing (women) by the p—-“, it became too much for many of the leaders of the Republican Party. While the numbers are still rising, at this time at least two dozen Republican Congressmen, Senators, past presidential candidates, and Governors have denounced him and demanded he step down. Trump bluntly refused to do so after going on air to offer an apology.With less than a month to the elections, the question on everyone’s lips is whether Trump has fatally wounded his chances of acceding to the presidency. This newspaper predicted even before the end of the nomination “primaries” that Trump would go all the way. It is, therefore, apropos to examine the bases of Trump’s popularity to discern whether his latest outburst would turn away his supporters as much as it did the top leadership of the Republicans. At this time, most in the media believe it would.Trump’s attraction, we pointed out, came out of his articulating fears in a huge segment of the American populace based on two intertwined ideological strands – nativism and American exceptionalism. Would his extreme objectification of women alienate many of those supporters? While the jury is obviously out, it is quite likely that as has occurred so many times, the “pundits” in the American media might be wrong.Neither the nativists blaming the ailments of their country on immigrants nor the demand of American exceptionalism for their leader to “get tough” with even America’s allies has been satisfied by Hillary Clinton. But there is a need to go beyond the politically correct denunciation of Trump’s attitude towards women and appreciate that it is part and parcel of how the ideal American “macho” image is defined, as part and parcel of American exceptionalism. No one has yet written off Trump for his statements on Mexicans or Muslims and on women, the envelope was just pushed a little further than before.Very revealingly, while Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said, “I am sickened by what I heard today. Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified”, he did not retract his endorsement of Trump. The issue is whether women in America are actually “championed and revered” or simply given lip service. And to this end, Trump’s own words in the video explaining how he was able to get away with his lewd and crude behaviour over the years is stark: “when you’re a star, they let you do it”.And while Trump said that while he was just a “reality show” star, history has shown that political power creates just as much a “star” quality with its presumed power as a sexual aphrodisiac. While he might have been much more discreet about his womanising, for instance John F Kennedy’s, who is seen as the model of the modern, suave and collected US president, indiscretions are now very well known, even though he was married with two children whom he trotted out regularly to prove what a “family man” he was. The crudity of his successor, Lyndon B Johnson is also well known, while not surprisingly, Trump has finally honed in on the indiscretions of Bill Clinton.It is very likely that this is another storm that Trump will ride out.last_img read more

Worrying factors in Berbice cricket (Pt 2)

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first_imgDear Editor,The Berbice Cricket Stakeholders Committee would like to inform Berbicians on the recent development in Berbice Cricket over the last three years. 1. Angela Haniff in her capacity as Secretary has never signed any notice for special meetings nor has received any motion including the no-confidence against her.2. What was surprising was Godwyn Allicock and David Black submitting a letter authorising Somwaru to act as President. Imagine, Beharry was blocked from fulfilling his elected duties but they chose to authorise Somwaru to do so. More shocking was the fact that they would be willing to withdraw the court injunction if certain conditions were met. This letter was done without the knowledge of the Judge.3. Angela Haniff had no knowledge of the no-confidence or the reasons for the motion, nor was she ever invited to the special meeting to defend the accusations against her. Under this new era of cricket dictatorship there is no need for justice and no regard for the law.4. Vice President Winter nor Treasurer Bharosay were never invited to any special meeting while numerous clubs who those so call administrators thought would not agree to what they wanted were also not invited.5. A court injunction was granted by the High Court against Somwaru, Godwyn Allicock and three others which were filed by Rabindranauth Saywack and Albert Smith.6. The majority of Berbicians are not aware of what took place at the meeting but that representatives from Albion, Port Mourant, Whim, Rose Hall Canje, West Berbice, Young Warriors and Tucber Park were in attendance. Young Warriors and Tucber Park did not have voting rights.7. At a recent public event, Somwaru has been introduced as President, Vickram Suebarran as Secretary, Godwyn Allicock as Assistant Secretary and David Black as the Chairman of the Competitions Committee.8. One is left to wonder which part of the world do people take one another to court and in the same time fill position as Executives. This shows that these people have no respect and regard for the law. Imagine these persons who are so anxious to take over the Berbice Cricket Board were all defeated at the last Annual General Meeting in 2014.9. They have made efforts to get access to the Berbice Cricket Board Bank account and to transfer the telephone line to another address.The Berbice Cricket Stakeholders would be very grateful for answers to the following questions:a) When was an election held by the members of the Berbice Cricket Board and who elected Somwaru as President when the three Vice Presidents have the same status?b) Why are the two persons who took the out the Injunctions against the Berbice Cricket Board are now involved in the administration of cricket when they are responsible for the current state of our cricket.c) What are the current status of the two elected Vice Presidents of the Berbice Cricket Board Qualis Winter and Vemen Walter?d) Why are correspondences signed by D Somwaru as President and not by the Secretary?e) What is the role of a senior Guyana Cricket Board official playing in all of this mess? He is known to be at all of the meetings where he sits at the front giving instructions. He asked the Secretary of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club to be part of the Berbice Cricket Board Steering Committee and he has demanded the removal of Angela Haniff, on the condition if that is done then the Berbice Cricket Board would receive the subvention from the Guyana Cricket Board.f) Is it true that Carol Nurse chaired a special meeting at the Albion Club despite the presence of Vice President Vemen Walter? Ms Nurse has no relationship whatsoever with the Berbice Cricket Board.The Berbice Cricketing Public deserve answers and all members of the Business Sector should be very careful in dealing with these imposters acting as administrators especially the ones that were defeated at the last Annual General Meeting and who used the court system as a platform to gain power via the back door.Sincerely,Berbice CricketStakeholdersCommitteelast_img read more

New Spanish Ambassador to Guyana accredited

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first_imgGuyana looks forward to deepening its relations with the Kingdom of Spain in the areas of investment, trade and tourism, President David Granger said on Wednesday.He said, too, that the recent conclusion of the Agreement for the Reciprocal Elimination of Visas for Holders of Diplomatic Passports between the two countriesAmbassador Javier Maria Carbajosa Sanchez presenting his Letter of Credence to President David Granger in the presence of Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge and Foreign Affairs Ministry Director General Audrey Waddell is a demonstration of a strong commitment to improving bilateral relations. The President made these remarks when he received the Letter of Credence from Javier Maria Carbajosa Sanchez, accrediting him the new non-resident Ambassador of Spain to Guyana.Speaking of bilateral cooperation, the Head of State pointed out that “Guyana’s petroleum industry has already attracted Spain’s investment. We anticipate increased involvement of Spanish companies in the oil and gas sector of our economy.”In terms of environmental protection, the President informed the Ambassador that Guyana was moving towards establishing a ‘green state’ in which more focus would be placed on biodiversity preservation, provision of eco-tourism and eco-educational services, promotion of renewable energy generation and adoption of practical measures to ensure climate adaptation. In this regard, he noted that, “Guyana is deeply impressed and is intensely interested in Spain’s success at increasing energy generation from sustainable sources and looks forward to enhanced country-to-country cooperation in this area.”Meanwhile, similar sentiments were expressed by Ambassador Sanchez, who said that his accreditation was not merely a formality that was dictated by tradition but rather, a renewal of the will and determination of the two countries to the strengthening of friendship and cooperation.“Cooperation between our two countries can help forge global solutions to global challenges…Spain has been focused traditionally on the Spanish-speaking Caribbean; however, we have come to realise that there is much that Spain and Guyana can do together. Not only is Guyana a promising country for trade and investment opportunities, it also possesses a strong entrepreneurial spirit and is also very active in the context of Caricom,” he said.Guyana and Spain established diplomatic relations on October 12, 1979. The relationship is founded on mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, cooperation for mutual benefit, respect for treaties and international law, and the maintenance of international peace and security.last_img read more

Fabregas hat-trick, Abidal return spurs Barca

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first_imgHowever, the biggest cheer of the night was reserved for Eric Abidal as he made his first appearance in 14 months after undergoing a liver transplant.The Frenchman replaced Gerard Pique with 21 minutes remaining to a rapturous reception from the Camp Nou crowd and coped comfortably with Mallorca’s limited threat going forward.Afterwards Abidal wanted to thank his cousin who was his donor for the transplant just over a year ago.“Thank you to my cousin, without whom I wouldn’t be here today,” he told Canal+.“Thank you for all the support to my family, my friends and all the supporters of FC Barcelona.“I would also like to say thank you to all the people in the hospital that have fought what I have fought.“Today has been a special day and I remember all those who are fighting like I was in the hospital.”Any doubts over whether Barca would be able to cope without Messi against the league’s bottom side were quickly dispelled by two goals in a two-minute spell midway through the first-half.A lovely one-two between Alexis and Fabregas played in the latter to open the scoring before the Chilean made it 2-0 after Dudu Aouate had parried Fabregas’ shot.The same two players combined for another two goals before the break as Fabregas side-footed home his second of the evening on 37 minutes before releasing Alexis with a fine pass over the top for the former-Udinese forward to grab his brace.And it took the Spanish international just a minute after the break to seal his first hat-trick for the club as this time he latched onto Andres Iniesta’s pass before turning and firing low past Aouate.With the game well won, manager Tito Vilanova then withdrew Iniesta, Fabregas and Pique with an eye to Wednesday’s Champions League tie with Paris Saint-Germain.However, there was some more concerning injury news for Vilanova as Alexis hobbled off down the tunnel just two minutes from the end with what appeared to be a muscular injury.Earlier, Real Madrid had continued their own good run of late with a 5-1 demolition of Levante.The visitors had taken a shock lead through Michel just after the half-hour mark, but their lead only lasted five minutes as Gonzalo Higuain scored a goal of the season contender with a wonderful volley from Xabi Alonso’s cross.Kaka then put the hosts ahead before the break from the penalty spot and Cristiano Ronaldo made the game safe with his 29th league goal of the season six minutes from time.Substitute Mesut Ozil twice scored from close range in the dying moments as Los Blancos also warmed-up for their Champions League quarter-final second-leg away to Galatasaray in perfect fashion.Real Sociedad strengthed their position in fourth as they stretched their unbeaten run to 12 games with a 4-2 win over Malaga.Goals from Carlos Vela, Alberto de la Bella and Antoine Griezmann saw the hosts race into a 3-0 lead within the first half hour and Inigo Martinez added a fourth after the break as the Basques moved four points clear of Malaga.And at the bottom Deportivo La Coruna took another huge step towards survival as they beat Real Zaragoza 3-2 to move off the foot of the table.Depor are now 18th and just one point off Zaragoza who have yet to win in the league this year.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000MADRID, Spain, April 7- Barcelona took another step towards their fourth La Liga title in five years as a hat-trick from Cesc Fabregas guided them to a 5-0 win over Mallorca on Saturday.Fabregas started up front in the absence of the injured Lionel Messi and made a welcome return to form as he also played a part in Barca’s other two goals, scored by Alexis Sanchez, as the Catalans restored their 13-point lead at the top of the table.last_img read more

FIFA court to hear Platini case despite boycott

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first_img0Shares0000Suspended FIFA president Sepp Blatter leaves after a hearing at the FIFA headquarters on December 17, 2015 in ZurichZURICH, December 18 – FIFA’s ethics judges are set to hear a defence in the allegations against UEFA chief Michel Platini on Friday, although the Frenchman will not be there to argue his case after vowing to boycott the hearing.The Platini hearing follows an appearance at the same FIFA court by world football’s suspended president Sepp Blatter, who spent more than eight hours at FIFA’s Zurich headquarters being questioned in a corruption case that may end his career. Both Blatter and Platini, a FIFA vice president, were suspended in October after Swiss prosecutors opened a criminal investigation looking partly into a two million Swiss francs ($2 million/1.8 million euros) payment made to Platini in 2011 for work carried out about a decade earlier.The two men – once the most powerful figures in world football – face longer suspensions in a verdict expected from FIFA ethics judges early next week.Platini has said the verdict has been decided in advance and he will therefore not show up. He will be represented by his lawyers.FIFA’s ethics judges have dismissed Platini’s claims of a pre-determined verdict and pledged to review the evidence against him fairly.Before his own hearing, Blatter launched similar criticisms against the FIFA court, but still appeared in his own defence, accompanied by his Zurich-based lawyer Lorenz Erni.Neither men spoke to the dozens of journalists gathered outside FIFA on Thursday, but shortly after the hearing Blatter’s Virginia-based lawyer Richard Cullen issued a statement calling for an acquittal.“President Blatter looks forward to a decision in his favor, because the evidence requires it,” Cullen said in an email sent to AFP.“President Blatter behaved properly and certainly did not violate FIFA’s Code of Ethics. This investigation should be closed and the suspension lifted,” Cullen added.Both Blatter and Platini deny wrongdoing. If convicted, appeals to a FIFA’s appeal committee and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) are possible for both men.– Bank accounts frozen – As Blatter exited FIFA’s headquarters on Thursday, possibly for the last time, his temporary replacement warned that the unprecedented storm surrounding the organisation may not be over.Acting FIFA president Issa Hayatou and acting secretary general Markus Kattner issued an open letter which noted that “there may be further challenges ahead.”And in a sign of the seemingly ever widening corruption probe within global football, Switzerland said that it had carried out a US request to freeze about 50 accounts in Swiss banks.A Swiss justice ministry spokesman Folco Galli said “funds in the high tens of millions are blocked.”It was the wave of US justice department indictments announced in May that unleashed the scandal which has since rocked FIFA.Dozens of people are facing charges in US courts, but Blatter and Platini are not among that group.Their possible long-term suspensions from FIFA would however mark the highest profile casualties of the scandal.Before his suspension, Blatter had agreed to step down when his replacement was chosen in a February vote and Platini had been the favourite to succeed him.But the Frenchman’s campaign has been stalled by ethics inquiry.Separately, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, whose country will host the 2018 World Cup, said Blatter should be a Nobel Peace laureate.“That is someone who should be given the Nobel Peace Prize,” Putin said while Blatter faced questioning at FIFA. “His contribution to the global humanitarian sphere is colossal.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Rooney signs contract with Colchester till the summer of 2019

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first_img1 Rooney struggled to settle in at The Den after signing from Bohemians in 2016 Colchester have snapped up defender Paul Rooney from Millwall.The 20-year-old struggled to establish himself in south London following his move from Bohemians in 2016.The defender did not manage a first-team appearance for Millwall but spent time on loan at Torquay last term, racking up six games in the National League.And he will now get more senior action having signed a contract until the summer of 2019 at Colchester.last_img read more

Thank you, vets

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first_imgEVERY day ought to be Veterans Day, a time to honor the brave men and women who risk their lives in the service of this country. Too often, it’s easy to get caught up in our own busy lives and forget these heroes and their sacrifice. Fortunately, Veterans Day helps us to make sure that, at least one day a year, we don’t take them for granted. Because this year’s holiday falls on a Saturday, many of us who don’t usually get the day off won’t have to work. What better opportunity to visit a military cemetery or attend a veterans’ parade. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORESurfer attacked by shark near Channel Islands calls rescue a ‘Christmas miracle’160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

School, business alliance installs officers

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first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWhicker: John Jackson greets a Christmas that he wasn’t sure he’d see Board members for the Santa Clarita Valley School & Business Alliance came together on Dec. 8 at the home of Marc and Kerri Emmer, president of The SST Group, Inc. and past chairman of the alliance, to install the 2007 officers and board of directors. Marc Emmer conducted the installation of the new officers including: chair, Dr. Dena Maloney, dean of Economic Development at College of the Canyons; vice chair, Dr. Paul Priesz, principal at Valencia High School; treasurer, Suzan Solomon, representing the SCV PTA Council; and secretary, Dan Goetz, president of Ultra Violet Devices, Inc. and past chair of the alliance. Chair Dena Maloney is excited to take the helm of the alliance. “We are entering a very exciting time for career and technical education as we create a community-wide framework for career exploration, career preparation and career education at all levels, and for all students. I am so pleased to be working with the alliance’s outstanding board of directors to achieve our goals and maximize the impact on our students.” Since 1998, the SCV School & Business Alliance has been implementing School-to-Career programs in K-14 schools in the SCV. School-to-Career promotes rigorous and relevant instruction and connects students and schools with the local business community. To post your own stories and photos, log on to 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more