Shi Yuning five ways to share the stickiness of web users

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website user stickiness has long plagued you webmaster, webmaster all hope that their web site can retain customers, increase their resources. So what should we do to increase the stickiness of our web site and retain customers? First of all, what groups of people visit our website?. A group of people is temporarily in need of help, they search through Baidu or Google to our website, access to the site. For example, there are people who need to move to search for moving companies, looking for moving services. read more

No search engines, like traffic, how to do a good job site promotion

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In fact, the

asked if he can say is not what creative, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but why come to say? Is very simple and there are a lot of people do not know, today I also like others say the situation, I hope you all have a in-depth analysis, understand.

At the beginning of the

will talk about submitting those major search engines such as Baidu, Google, inevitably, Bing, Sun Wukong, Sogou, YAHOO, this is the biggest source of traffic block, but if we are not included, or we are K in Never mind, there are a lot of ways, traffic will be very good. read more

The nternet is still spring

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is the world trend, long, long time. The Internet today has four league, each from a party. With the recent Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent frequent action of QQ and other industry giants, were relying on their own niche, e-commerce, search engine, IM development from the depth to the horizontal, in an attempt to do the whole Internet industry at present all products: search engine, e-commerce, IM, portal, blog, video, making the industry more and more intense competition. Vertical search hot 07 years until now No one shows any interest in station and SNS station video, be in full swing to the struggle by the new concept of WEB2.0 America came from the frenzy to now is endless doubt, the Internet now from time to time filled with inflection point theory. read more

Personal operations, local forums, experience sharing

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I is located in Hunan city of Yueyang, I think many Chinese should know, the beautiful and mysterious Dongting Lake here, population 500W, network is more developed, the economic strength after Changsha, the local forum rarely, but the user demand is relatively large. Perhaps because of this competition, so the user needs, I work Yueyang forum idea, has been in the domain name industry mix, find a good domain name, the forum was soon launched and comprehensive promotion, following some experience and share. read more

Quicken me pseudo original.

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now Baidu, included the web page principle has been very different from previous, I did that for a while the station a few years ago, as long as it is ", Baidu will give you included, a forum program, not a few articles within a few days, Baidu will give you a collection of hundreds of pages, Baidu later changed. I become" picky ", the garbage station, largely because of the development of it, then the domain name used to be parked.

search engine is fair, it’s not for a website, a person, my that dumpster were later Baidu K, a very important reason is that the articles are down from the Internet, without any treatment is posted up. Baidu has recently been modifying its rules to allow users to have the best search experience from the user’s point of view. We do stand, but also around the Baidu included to start, which in another sense, is around the user to build web content. read more

The website wants to succeed, the target should be definite

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before, when you started learning websites, you always wanted to do..

to do the download station. To do music station. To do web site Daquan. To do BBS. To do mall. Want to do talent. Want to do card. Want to do picture network.

later discovered..

has a good aim, but can’t be blind to..

below is my experience as a webmaster for two years,..

first, having ideals is good,..

but what you have to think about is what you’re going to do,..

how much money do you have? What can I do,.


how many capabilities do you have for.. read more

Me and my fake 4399 little game station

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08 years in May, my first stop in life was finally on the stage, and for the first time in my life. Now my station has 1WIP every day. ALEXA ranked in 853738, although not very good, but I’m very happy.

now I say I do stand after April 8th, wandering the Internet, came to the station network, see a sale of small game program posts at the top, just curious open look, the program is written in PHP+MYSQL, sold 800 yuan. Because a little bit of site experience, I know PHP+MYSQL this type of program is better, so contact the seller, looked at the program test, or very satisfied. There are more than 10 thousand games. Cut half the price, the boss refused to cheap, and later rogue, only the beauty of the plan. I told him not to bully women. Later, video must be cheaper 400 yuan. Then I showed him my picture. Just do not give him video, he was worried, and then the video will not give me money, but also with me free installation. Later, I told him to pack me first, and then video with him, so, 800 yuan program free of charge. (O (a _ U) O ~ read more

Fu Liping correctly understanding the value of originality

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now many webmaster, talking about web site, open mouth closed on 2 words: the chain, original. Of course, from the perspective of the website construction of the two views is no ground for blame, especially outside the chain, a total of less than a good! But when it comes to the original text of this fast, so I have reservations about a little of his own, I am not saying that it is not good to the original article. If I have the ability, I also hope that my site is all original, but this is for the general web site, this is very unrealistic thing. Because, after all, our human resources are limited, and all the websites on the Internet, including what Sina, NetEase, his content, it certainly will not be original. The reason why search engines stress the importance of originality is nothing more than wanting to index something valuable, so it is ultimately meant to provide more valuable content. read more

He was searched in the crowd GG

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to draw such a title, I do not know Li will not have any opinion, but this is my personal point of view, first yy. The Baidu has a strong China culture brand, from the Song Dynasty literature all Xin Qiji’s poem "Qing Yu An", after a few years, has become the world’s largest search engine Chinese. Listen to some old friends in the recent line of nagging, chasing them to do Baidu PPC, I had attended several Baidu business school network marketing conference, is nothing more than some publicity Baidu and PPC. Of course we, boss of the B2B Alibaba is doing the bidding, believe that PPC is still effective. read more

3 million, the Dong people daily attention forum, because insist, so get

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[in my grandfather and many friends and fellow Dong Dong’s concern and support, Dong style network now has 31293 themes: posts: 429831, 10625, the daily independent member: IP rate of 1500, the average daily hits more than 15000. I have a fate with the Dong nationality, and the biggest wish is to devote myself to the dissemination of national culture and be understood by other people and be recognized by the society. [


I come from Guizhou Liping, where is the Dong culture, has a population of Dong county most, and grandpa is Dong famous singers, is currently living the most famous Dong Pipa song master, he brought the apprentice dozens of everyone, the creation of the song is thousands of very small. It is often my grandpa, love on Dong culture, can be said with the customs of the Dong origin in my hometown. read more

Half year experience of operating local portal websites

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in the middle of last year made a domain name, stand a local site, want to practice the local portal site operation. For this, I also personally went to the local super large portal sites play a week white, also finally understand some website profit idea. In addition, and local webmaster friend exchanges, through the site for half a year to run, today on the small talk about the local portal website operation view and feelings, also take this to manage their own ideas……

one, the location of the website: read more

Earning $2 a day, maybe should say goodbye to GG

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GG Wangzhuan for me is just by chance. was built for fun. Later, with the flow gradually improved, in an old friend of the reminder, decentralized GG, began to be my webmaster’s way.

if I don’t say how much I earn, I just think I’m a webmaster when I see the US on the GG account growing slowly. But she’s growing too slow, not so slow, so I’m just a little webmaster. GG makes us want to make a difference, I think the key one, and real life investment, entrepreneurship is difficult to become a clear ratio. read more

A5 grassroots walks – a dream of hiking in the 12 season

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"walk the 12 season, hiking round a dream this is A5 Adsense nets launched the" A5 grassroots campaign slogan, every month to choose a suitable place, some like-minded webmaster friends, fun hiking experience. The first phase of the grassroots tour was held in Taishan, and the "Taishan Tour" opened the first chapter of its activities.

November 7th, the webmaster about in Taishan, from the Red Gate, all the way up to the Yuhuang Ding, standing on the peak, finally realize the "list of small hills," the heroic mood. See the spectacular sunrise, is really a worthwhile trip, the whole people, the whole mountain bathed in the warmth of the sun, the mood is very good. read more

Do you know the operation modes of the SEO team

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] introduction with the continuous improvement of the search engine rules and ranking algorithm, single stand model is no longer suitable for most sites, operating in good condition of the individual station is less and less, this is the industry has been in the "personal webmaster is dead". Now a bit of the size of the regular site if you want to have a good rankings and flow, we must rely on the people team mode of operation, so the establishment of the SEO team is that many companies had to do in the present development situation of the work of SEO. Determine the need to establish a SEO team, first of all to determine the team model, determine the team model, you need to determine what kind of ability to recruit people, but also consider the cost of establishing the team. read more

Add a few stock query tools to your website or blog

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can query stock details, big wisdom Topview, compass Topview, big wisdom DDE and capital flow analysis and other data.

usage: in the appropriate input box, enter the correct stock code, you can

big wisdom Topview, compass Topview, big wisdom DDE can only query the stock exchange of Shanghai Stock Exchange


stocks may be short of data.

demo address:

hope these tools can help you.

if your blog or website wants to call this query tool, the code is as follows:   read more

Carefully review the hearts of the webmaster in two words or three, the new situation of Network Rec

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don’t know if you have seen some time ago the United States occupation began to focus on the social networking site Linke Chinese business recruitment industry news, the news out of the circle of friends in the online recruitment industry said that perhaps China also must face big changes in resource adjustment. In fact, personally, although Linke has a wealth of operational experience and capital base, but for the development of the current recruitment environment is still not China transaction data as a support, before is a good example of the rich, also arrive but deviation of market positioning, the network recruitment industry, capital and channels are often developed second conditions for the entire industry theory understanding will make themselves truly grasp and use of space development. read more

A 19 year old webmaster site experience

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with the rapid development of the Internet industry, the emergence of a batch of young personal webmaster, I have seen many young owners of the story is very admirable, I’m just so many personal webmaster in one, but we have the same point is that we all have a bitter experience. I wrote this article just want to and young webmaster chord.

I read in high school, the school is a computer professional, but did not come into contact with the station, then I only want to have my own personal homepage, very satisfied, I had learned to prepare HTML, which for the future establishment of a certain foundation, but for site or a blind, never no one taught me in high school, the university entrance exam is always busy, no time to engage in. Once schools engage in web design contest, I did not participate in, one of my classmates took part in the competition, and made a very nice page, let me help him to vote, I envy then, hope to be able to have their own personal page, put their own advantages to show that. read more

do the wise remark of an experienced person forum

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The basic situation of my forum

I first introduced under the forum called super FANS (fans) forum, I do the original station because I love football, and has been silent about Chinese football, I hope the league can rise, can Chinese football development. However, once I search time, super forum found that only some of the portal in the forum, not a truly independent to the super core Forum (of course, there is a super fans forum, but closed). I thought, "why don’t I do one,


at that time, I absolutely ignorant of Forum on construction, I was in school when the owner of the forum, just go to the forum experience, but no experience of the construction of the forum. Later, I searched the Internet for some information and decided to make a free forum on 5D6D first. When the time was ripe, I would be independent again. read more

Defend the website’s brand maintenance and Public Relation Consciousness

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in many cases, everyone is pursuing an idea: "brand is the best.". And as stationmaster, more and more stationmaster has brand consciousness slowly, however, build brand is a long-term process. Many webmaster friends directly gave up, more webmaster friends think this and he does not matter.

user experience, I believe now has become a lot of webmaster or SEO workers mantra, in fact, good user experience and brand, word of mouth is linked. Because of brand and word of mouth, it is easier for us to identify with websites. As the owners of the home, A5, stand in a row, found outside the forum, the forum has become a lot of the time accumulation of advertising, but why is everyone? Because this site has become a benchmark for the industry, has a high weight, can provide value to the webmaster. Guardian today wants to discuss the question is the brand maintenance and the public relations consciousness. read more

Do distinctive website, it is the success of individual stationmaster

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how to develop a personal website has become a commonplace topic. On the Internet, there are many experiences in this field, many of which are insightful and original, and have a great use for reference to our personal webmaster. I have many years of experience in Internet, witnessed the rise and fall of the Internet, the tide of website development, and formed a number of personal views. Below, I pick a few think to do more distinctive, and have certain potential web site for analysis, hope to give the webmaster bring some inspiration. read more