Website optimization strategy of small and medium enterprises

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enterprise website target keywords for the user but less strong, the general enterprise website every day hundreds of traffic is very good. While the flow is base of enterprise website and the enterprise website is not the most important, the most important thing is the product of the turnover rate and the rate of customer consultation. So the website promotion method and website optimization method should be based on the service object and set the promotion of reasonable optimization strategy. The Shanghai dragon this time also optimizes several enterprise website, will analysis counseling, antecedents, and the turnover rate of visitors every day, according to the following optimization strategy experience analysis of the enterprise website, make enterprise website optimization. read more

The reason of love Shanghai keyword ranking decline

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server space

as the saying goes Links ten is the double-edged sword, good Links can help enhance the rankings quickly, the link is not good site friendship can let down the right site, even by the hair fell in love with altitude. So, in Links I just use some of their own resources at hand, to do their own websites several one-way links.

two, Links

in website optimization ultimately comes down to the "content is king, the chain for the emperor" principle, and the external links must remain stable, do not lose small ah! I hope you learn the lessons of the webmaster, the better your site optimization. Thanks to the A5 platform support, please indicate: 贵族宝贝grilrt贵族宝贝. read more

Cai Wensheng if entrepreneurs believe that the so-called success, basically die without burial groun

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, following the 05 year surfing station and 06 year HYIP station, clicked on the site as hot as it was in 07 years, starting 08 years ago, with new click stations and closed click stations emerging day after day. Click to make money >

people always see the bright side of the successful person, but ignore the hardships of the entrepreneurial process. Entrepreneurship on a person’s comprehensive quality requirements are comprehensive, before starting, must know their own advantages and disadvantages, ready enough, if you rely on a cavity, impulse to start business, often encounter difficulties retreat. And there are hundreds of roads in life, entrepreneurship is only one of them, everyone can only find their own position, in order to find their own way of success. read more

Decrypt the black hat Shanghai dragon pool screen search engine spiders

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3: open web site is normal ", does not contain these words

three: the generation of these dynamic search results page volume added to the stations you built good spider pool to attract the search engines fast included.

1: site title is a false love Shanghai know class keyword, let visitors for gospel truth

2: is also the title of direct contact with the core business word +

Look at the

so the core pool is nothing more than open spider IP server, and a large number of hanging garbage on the domain name, the domain name is pan before this operation, the domain name + space have, the rest is nothing more than the contents of the program, by CMS acquisition system do capture rules of large quantities of some news sites, as long as there is content is included to keep these stations. read more

n order to optimize the development of personnel from the perspective of HTML5

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Browser compatibility issues for this

in the past 2011, HTML5 may be one of the most concerned about a problem in the WEB industry. Often go to the forum or webmaster network we can often see information about the HTML5, including HTML5’s new features, compatibility and so on. According to the statistics of 34% sites in 2011. The Internet has started using HTML5 technology. However, in time to see the development of the HTML5, we should also see the shortcomings of HTML5 at the same time, it is for the browser compatibility issues, most global users of Microsoft’s IE browser is the worst for HTML5 compatibility. But the search engine is HTML5 what is the meaning, I believe that the current HTML5 for the optimization we do not have what harm, but also do not help much. So specific as optimization development personnel, how we think of HTML5 read more

Love Shanghai know the new found direct extension of APP.

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site in the Sirius class webmaster original, reproduced please specify the address of the 贵族宝贝16zzw贵族宝贝/thread-3267-1-1.html

The Found after application of


click the link, jump to the love of Shanghai application (贵族宝贝as.baidu贵族宝贝/) domain names. The love of Shanghai know that association of "Tmall" and "Taobao" two key words.

love Shanghai, love Shanghai for his application a lot of traffic entrance. Do not know whether it is in order to search for the lightning with 360 users and traffic, but can see, once on a large scale, is estimated to have enough to drink a pot of lightning search. read more

5 do the anchor text chain tips

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is engaged in website optimization and promotion of people know, the chain in the site optimization ranking plays an important role. Do a great extent is in the chain. But the way of the chain more effective, every kind of, more obvious effects of: soft, promotion, there is Links anchor text links. Write soft need more energy, and the quality requirements are relatively high, because we write soft article is to let the other websites, if the quality is not high, not what the readability of words not reproduced. As for the Links if you know what to do, is simply to find higher weights in the same industry site exchange. Here the main emphasis is the anchor text link anchor text links, one can increase the weight of the chain to improve the percentage rankings, on the other hand can mining long tail keywords more extensive introduction of more traffic, because we all know that the role of the anchor text, so a lot of Web site management is more sensitive to this, so they direct limit of course, there are many websites can be brought outside the chain, but these allowed the chain site weight higher are more strict, if the post or reply too much easy to be titles, such as the gag! How can go unnoticed in the case to do some anchor text the following links? Our used car network Xiaobian to share their experiences, hoping to help you! read more

3B war like a raging fire grassroots Shanghai Longfeng have to say

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C right down the website is a lot of regular warfare, which is not right and there are a lot of false original site

B but high weight website affected by

2 search node >

1 for promotion is too dark, no matter what keywords as long as the money will give

for the love Shanghai love Shanghai 8.25 update, the official explanation is algorithm upgrade, but the real website webmaster all know, again once the update of countless regular warfare lying in the gun, and some of the rubbish site is to survive, only in the 8.25 update, there are three points in the sea areas: read more

From the three aspects of why social media can’t replace your Shanghai Dragon

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for this we can simply as an example, we can use social media to the world famous Facebook is a set of apartments, and social media pages of your company is just one of a small apartment. You can rent the apartment, but the apartment real master or Facebook. If you do not comply with the terms and conditions of the Facebook, so they have the right to put off your apartment. Imagine, when you operate your social media, have their own social networks, if one day Facebook will your company page off, then you will lose your entire online social network. Your social media marketing is actually depends heavily on the social networking platform. Your competitors may be from the design of the network you steal your target customers. At the same time because you cannot control on the social networking platform advertising, you may eventually become a social networking page for your rival advertising platform. read more

Discussion how to avoid excessive site optimization

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today and everyone together to talk about the website over the word:

website optimization excessive I recommend:

A: for

When a lot of friends in

5, Links (mainly in the chain right down, K, or no correlation chain too much)

optimizationAccording to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

refers to the website of Shanghai dragon over optimization optimization too obvious, let the search engine think your station is a waste site. Think you is cheating, so you are to do stand and do stand, do the station is to search engines look, not for your visitors see. read more

A large number of duplicate pages will appear symptoms

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, a collection of large amount of increase, but the actual amount included decreased

ranking front page is yesterday or the day of the page, and then gradually disappear. The above ranking home all day or the article published yesterday, but before the 2011 party self evaluation is also ranked the home page, and then gradually decreased. This leads us to think, is not a repeat of the page included caused the loss of weight.

when I show up in the time domain site:+ fell in love with the sea has only recently 3-4 days turn to page, no matter what page is true. If a page in the search engine there soon, then talk about what to talk about the long tail ranking. read more

Farewell right down to 7 arch-criminal looking for trouble website down right

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how to analyze a site is down right? From a simple snapshot of the site or included in the site is not easily judge, because most of the time the snapshot update with Adsense website maintenance, love of Shanghai is very sensitive, sometimes slightly do not update the article, he is not more a new snapshot, judging whether a website is down right, should be from the overall to analysis web site right down the most obvious phenomenon is the result of keywords ranking dropped substantially, if not normal snapshot update, sites included reducing, the chain decreased, but the keyword ranking does not fluctuate too much, these cannot explain that the site is down right, right down the website not often own doamin the domain name does not appear in the first position, and enter a name for your site are not ranked first. read more

520 love Shanghai holiday gift brother, you have to stay calm

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sixth Beijing stationmaster annual meeting, Dai Zhikang DZ introduced an upgraded version of the Discuz! X2 hit off, it sounds very powerful, the May 23rd A5 forum upgrade. The page is very simple, but also adds many new features, but also more humane. I have been on the upgrade of the products are relatively acceptable, I think certainly better than junior or senior, why should the development of advanced. So every time I have to upgrade, with a positive attitude to meet, although the beginning has to adapt to a few days. But there is always someone to change the reaction in particular, after the upgrade A5 forum webmaster reaction is different, there are still people that attachment to the past, fear of the future. read more

A5 marketing on educational website how to quickly improve the weight of love Shanghai

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first, part of the site area lack of content classification. What is the area of lack of content? Is popular in terms of an area on the site on which the lack of content. You can see the part of the education website classification many regions, such as Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Tibet, Turpan city and municipality directly under the central government, it can be said that some websites of all city Chinese areas are listed, and then only in the area of training institutions city added or not added content information, causing low quality a large number of pages. For example, Xinjiang does not have the training institutions, and the establishment of the channel page is placed in the long term does not add information, so the search engine will think is the low quality of the page. The other is not to add the content area, due to lack of long tail words. So, A5 is recommended to do more in content marketing. read more

6 similar web search service

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Websites Like boasts "the largest public similar website index", using their own algorithms based on the link address or keywords to find similar sites. In my tests, the Websites Like Facebook to support good suggestions, including Twitter, MySpace and Orkut website etc.. When I enter the MakeU Shanghai dragon F, it suggested that I try to WordPress, Microsoft and IBM to find similar sites. Only the site and provide similar partial HowStuffWorks.

but the web is not immutable and frozen. It is dynamic, and fast changing, there are hundreds of websites appear every day. Do you really want to miss the fun? Aren’t you on the website of the new wonder? They will provide what services? If you look very interested in and keep track, similar sites are looking for a better way to the new site. Is the beginning of a new online travel time: the use of the services listed below, open your eyes, more interested in finding the read more

About the website home page outbound links too much will not be punished to love Shanghai

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first, first under the personal view, I think, are home page links too much and be loved in Shanghai punishment there is no direct relationship, that is to say, some links in many web sites are love Shanghai may not be punished, because the number of links are too big, but there are other reasons. The most obvious example to support this view is the site navigation station, believe that any website links are not derived more than site navigation station, but the fact is it? This kind of websites, as long as a good business, and will not produce obvious love of Shanghai punishment. Perhaps you will say, site navigation station has its particularity, of course, maybe you are right. But there is an example of it, that is a lot of selling links, such website links derived ranging from nearly a hundred, many hundreds, but actually? They did not love the Shanghai penalty. Otherwise, the punishment after the link, which will go to the webmaster silly to buy read more

360 lightning search on-line mobile nternet search battle

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, who also can not underestimate the strength of 360, in the current search market, although the love of Shanghai occupy the absolute advantage, but this advantage with the loss of time, began to be gradually reduced, if coupled with 360 Sogou acquisition success, then the 360 will have the ability to love Shanghai and a relatively high, so in the traditional the network search engine market is, in the emerging mobile Internet search engine market, love the advantage of Shanghai is not so big, today is no more than half of the market share, and 360 from the beginning of the use of intelligent security software layout, now on-line lightning search, so that the mobile Internet on a search team the birth of. read more

An analysis of why the chain over a million and remained stable but without ranking

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chain number but more than 95% are not related to the chain

chain platform itself has included no popular

and the site outside the chain most are concentrated in the forums and blogs, indeed the chain of this kind in a specific moment can also bring a certain effect, but the construction of search engines outside the chain should be diversified, for example, we do a website selling clothes, not only to the outer chain in the BBS and blog, selling clothes, you can also write some articles to contribute, enhance the diversification of the chain through the transfer form, so in the search engine looks like the site outside the chain and not rely on the sending machine " read more

Explain about the August 21st love Shanghai Webmaster Platform index =10 problem

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first, 8.21 volume < =10 index fell in love with the sea; and love may be related to Shanghai and < interior modulation, the phenomenon of =10 only love Shanghai webmaster tools will have a website, normal or normal weight index index, and no real owners of the site index < =10, so webmaster do not have to worry about this phenomenon, index tools tomorrow love Shanghai webmaster tools may show the normal amount of site index.

link: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/204 read more

ntelligent industry competitive new Home Furnishing Shanghai dragon how to do optimization

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for now Shanghai Longfeng industry competition, I do not dare to boast of Haikou for 2 months 3 months on the Shanghai search engine optimization to love home. After the opponent is standing for several years, people will not stop. I can only say that the key is to use what skills, with a stick, every detail do fine, after a certain period, can still be beyond competitors. Then the start from where? I will give you the following optimization details to share intelligence Home Furnishing industry I just took over the new station. read more