The Day The Music Died: Board Considers Reopening Investigation Into 1959 Plane Crash

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first_img“The Day The Music Died,” a phrase from Don McLean’s hit song “American Pie,” is thought to refer to the infamous 1959 plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson. Interestingly, the National Transportation Safety Board is considering revisiting the investigation into that plane crash, now 56 years old.Here’s the initial report filed by the NTSB.The crash was considered a “pilot error” at first, but a letter from an experienced pilot suggested that a number of other factors should have been considered in the initial investigation. Those factors include weight calculations, balance calculations, fuel gauge readings and a rudder. It will probably be at least a year before the NTSB decides to look into the case.Until then, watch a video of a Buddy Holly song made popular by the Grateful Dead:[Via NTSB Blog]last_img read more

Virgin Develops Jet Fuel With Half the Carbon Footprint of Others

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first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreVirgin Atlantic Airways and LanzaTech are developing an aviation fuel that will cut in half the carbon footprint of conventional flights.Instead of using plant stock for the fuel, waste gases are being captured from steel mills. The gases, which would otherwise burn up in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, are fermented and chemically converted into jet fuel.A test facility is already in operation in New Zealand.Virgin, the first commercial airline to test a bio-fuel in flight, plans to begin using this new fuel in two to three years, with a ‘demo’ flight planned in 12-18 months.LanzaTech estimates its process to be useful for 65% of the world’s steel mills and believes it can also be applied to metals processing and chemical industries. Announcing the partnership Tuesday, the President of Virgin Atlantic, Sir Richard Branson, said, “This next generation, low-carbon aviation fuel is a major step towards radically reducing our carbon footprint, and we are excited about the savings that this technology could help us achieve.“With oil running out, it is important that new fuel solutions are sustainable, and with the steel industry alone able to deliver over 15 billion gallons of jet fuel annually, the potential is very exciting.”He said the new technology is “scalable” and able to be commercially produced at a comparable cost to current jet fuel.A larger demonstration facility will be commissioned in Shanghai this year, and the first commercial operation will be in place in China by 2014. Following successful implementation, a wider roll-out could include operations in the UK and the rest of the world.Dr Jennifer Holmgren, Chief Executive of LanzaTech, said, “While there is still work to be done and logistical hurdles to cross, we have excellent partners in Virgin Atlantic, Swedish Biofuels and Boeing and we are confident that we will have a facility with the capacity to produce fuel for commercial use by 2014.” AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMorelast_img read more

Stranger Buys Patrol Car at Auction to Give to Fallen Deputy’s Teenage Sons

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first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreTanner and Chase Brownlee came to the police auction with $3,000 to buy their late father’s squad car.Their father, a Weld County, Colorado deputy, died in the line of duty five years ago. His squad car is one of the last physical links Tanner and Chase have to him.The county decided to auction the car, which was retired this year, to raise money for charity.Bidding quickly shot past the sum the two boys raised, and the car finally sold to a local rancher, Steve Wells, for $60,000.Winner of Boat Hands Over Keys to Less Fortunate Fisherman Wells didn’t keep the car for long. As soon as he took the keys, he turned to Tanner in the auction’s front row and handed them over to the young man, whom he’d never met before.“Tanner, here’s your car,” Wells said, and the room erupted in applause.(WATCH the video below or READ the full story at KMGH *NOTE autoplaying audio, adjust your speakers)Photo by Weld County Sheriff’s Department – Story tip from Sara NettlesAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMorelast_img read more

Texas to send Dorian aid: Governor: ‘Texas offers full support to Florida’

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first_img The storm system threatened to cause major storm surge and damaging winds, forecasters said.Special to The News Texas Task Force 1 was also prepared to respond to a request for an additional six flood swift water rescue and evacuation boat squads to work directly with the state of Florida. The contingent of 50 highly trained water rescue professionals from multiple Texas cities will utilize 12 rescue boats and technical gear to assist in water rescue efforts.Additionally, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Texas game wardens were prepared to respond with Texas Task Force 1 as part of the six flood swift water rescue boat squad search and rescue teams.The National Weather Service in Lake Charles, Louisiana said Monday that Dorian was a category 4 hurricane which had hovered over the Bahamas, causing major damage to Grand Bahama Island. It was expected to move slowly north up Florida’s east coast on Tuesday and Wednesday, then continue toward the Carolina’s on Thursday and Friday. AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott has deployed assistance to the state of Florida in response to Hurricane Dorian, which was forecasted to impact the Florida coast.The state of Texas sent Texas Task Force 1’s Type III task force under the request and support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The Type III task force consists of 45 personnel and specialized equipment including flood and swift water rescue boats.“Texas offers its full support to the state of Florida, and we remain at the ready to offer additional assistance as needed,” Abbott said. “I am grateful to our first responders who have stepped up to assist Floridians in their time of need, and I ask that all Texans pray for all those in the path of this storm.”last_img read more

Inconceivable! Disney Stage Adaptation of The Princess Bride in the Works

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first_imgGet out your swords, because Inigo Montoya, Westley, Buttercup and Vizzini could be heading to Broadway! Disney Theatrical Productions is readying a stage adaptation of the beloved 1973 novel and 1987 film, The Princess Bride. No casting, creative team, dates or theater have been announced, but we’ve got our fingers crossed (all six of them) that the show will premiere on the Great White Way soon.“The Princess Bride has proven to be an enduring delight and a beloved favorite to multiple generations,” said Thomas Schumacher, president and producer of Disney Theatrical Productions, in a statement. “What William Goldman created is first and foremost a celebration of storytelling; what better place to spin that tale than on the stage?”“I am thrilled that the next chapter in the life of The Princess Bride will unfold on the stage,” said author William Goldman. “With [Walt Disney Studios chairman] Alan Horn, Thomas Schumacher and his team at Disney Theatrical Productions leading the way, Buttercup, Westley and all of Florin are in the best of hands.”The Princess Bride tells the story of Buttercup, a beautiful woman who lives on a farm with her parents, her horse and their farm-boy Westley—whom she falls in love with. But when Westley leaves to seek his fortune and Buttercup hears the news that he is dead, she agrees, reluctantly, to marry Prince Humperdinck, the heir to the throne of Florin. When Buttercup is kidnapped by three outlaws, all sorts of wild adventures ensue as the two lovers try to reunite. Directed by Rob Reiner, The Princess Bride film stars Cary Elwes, Tony winner Mandy Patinkin, Wallace Shawn, Christopher Guest, Chris Sarandon and Robin Wright.Composer Adam Guettel was reportedly involved in a new adaptation of The Princess Bride in 2005, but in 2012 he announced that he was no longer attached to the project.Get ready for the stage adaptation with the Princess Bride movie trailer! Mandy Patinkin Star Filescenter_img View Commentslast_img read more

2013 Campagnolo Athena EPS – Italian Components Trickle Down Electronic Shifting, UPDATED!

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first_imgCampagnolo has just introduced their second electronic group, Athena EPS, a mere nine months after introducing Record and Super Record EPS (but about 20 years after first dreaming up battery powered shifting).By using aluminum parts rather than carbon, the Athena EPS group brings the price of Italian electric shifting down a few pegs, putting it in reach of more cyclists. Functionality is the same, meaning you can shift one or more (or all) gears with a single button depression by merely holding the shifter longer. It keeps the “Ride Back Home” crash protection, letting you put it in a reasonable gear manually should you wreck and the system becomes disabled.UPDATE: Athena EPS will start shipping in Spring 2013, and pricing will be announced at Eurobike.More on the 11-speed power group below… The front derailleur uses a “special aluminum alloy” rather than carbon. It has the same auto-trim feature to keep the chain from rubbing you the wrong way.Ergonomics on the shifter levers are the same as Record/Super Record EPS, which means button shape and angle is slightly different than the mechanical groups. We’ve ridden the Super Record EPS group extensively this summer and have been pretty impressed with its ability to discern a proper (intentional) shift versus and accidental bump when shifting hand position.It’ll use the same DTI battery as the higher end groups.Updated Weights:We’re waiting to hear back on pricing and availability and will update as soon as we get it. There are also some new wheels we’ll post shortly…last_img read more

IB14: Hermes Sport Back w/ Gorgeous New Proprietary Hubs & VK Wheels

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first_imgThe hub shells are machined in Florida. The freehub body and magnets come from Soul-Kozak in Europe (it’s the same magnetic ring drive ratchet system that Absolute Black is using). The spokes are are from Mach One in France. The carbon rims come from Asia and are made by a very, very reputable supplier that provides rims for a number of major brands, and the alloy rims are custom made by Velocity in Florida. Both are customized for Hermes with a unique drilling angle. All of that’s shipped to Hermes’ facility in San Diego, where they’re hand built.Beyond the magnetic pawls and custom shell, there’s quite a bit that makes them special. A preload adjuster ring is independent of the clamping force. Remove it and the axle will slide out, and it’s a big axle. Alex says it’s the biggest he’s aware of – the front is 17mm throughout, and the rear is 20mm in diameter through most of the shell then tapering down to 17mm in the freehub body.The floating axle design was done to allow them to use Enduro’s new angular contact sealed cartridge bearings. Introduced a few years back for bottom brackets, Enduro’s AC bearings were promising to have hub versions eventually. Now they do, and they’re sweet. Those bearings are pushed as wide as they can, just outside the radial spoke holes, maximizing support for the axle and hub. A ceramic bearing upgrade is available.The freehub is machined from super hard 4140 steel, which Alex says won’t be gouged by cassettes, keeping them easy to slide on and off. It drives the hub by way of two toothed rings, pushed together with strong magnets. This reduces the number of moving parts inside the hub while ensuring fast, secure engagement.The front wheel is radially laced with 20 spokes, to keep it light. The wide bracing angle and custom rim drillings help keep it stiff. At the rear, he gave them “triplet” lacing with eight radially laced spokes on the non-drive side and 16 three-cross next to the cassette.The carbon VK51 wheelset retails for $1995. Rims are 24.5mm wide (~18mm internal) and 50mm deep. Rim weight is 465g. The brake track uses a special resin mix developed by the supplier, which should be restated is a major carbon rim manufacturer that cannot be named, but Hermes reaps the benefits.The VK11 alloy wheelset comes in at $995. Rims are 23mm wide (17mm internal) and 25mm deep.Weights are 1,450g per set for either version. The alloy rim is actually a little lighter, but the extra spoke length makes up the difference.Disc brake versions are coming soon, and those will be thru axle. The front will get 24 spokes, but the rear will be the Way back in 2009, Alex Webster started building wheels under the brand Hermes Sport. They used off the shelf components but gained a following for being well built and race ready. And light. Sometimes really, really light.From the outset, he wanted to grow the brand into its own line using its own components. As things go with small businesses in a difficult economy, the dream sometimes falls behind available resources. A couple years ago, he put the Hermes Sport brand on hiatus and focused on building non-branded wheels with off the shelf parts for others.But, all that while he was developing his own hubs as a foundation for the relaunch of the brand. His goal was to build the company anew upon his own parts, designing the wheels as a system rather than just a collection of off the shelf parts.And thus is born a new line of Hermes Sport VK carbon and alloy wheels. The foundation is a streamlined, premium new hub and custom rims…last_img read more

Chazz Palminteri & the Cast of A Bronx Tale Tour Explore the Hood Before Hitting the Road

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first_img On the corner of 187th and Belmont Avenue! Chazz Palminteri took the touring cast of his musical A Bronx Tale on a guided tour of the famed borough on September 19, visiting many of the shops that are featured as storefronts in the scenic design of the show. Palminteri introduced recent #LiveAtFive guest Nick Fradiani (Lorenzo), Kayla Jenerson (Jane), Alec Nevin (Calogero), Stefanie Londino (Rosina), Jeff Brooks (Sonny) and George Vickers V (Tyrone) to the local shop owners. Additionally, Palminteri treated the cast to cannoli at Gino’s Pastry Shop and took them to see how fresh mozzarella is made at Casa Della Mozzarella. They also went to Palminteri’s old stoop, where he witnessed a murder—the real-life event that kicks off the story of A Bronx Tale. Check out Andy Drachenberg’s fun photos of the group’s tour of NYC’s The Bronx and get your tickets to see A Bronx Tale tour when it comes to a city near you. Nick Fradiani, Kayla Jenerson, Alec Nevin, Chazz Palminteri, Stefanie Londino, Jeff Brooks and George Vickers V pose for a photo at the now-iconic corner. Chazz Palminteri talks to the cast about Mike’s Deli, a real Italian staple from The Bronx that’s a featured storefront in A Bronx Tale. Kayla Jenerson, Stefanie Londino, Chazz Palminteri, Jeff Brooks, George Vickers V, Alec Nevin & Nick Fradiani(Photo by Andy Drachenberg)center_img View Comments Alec Nevin, Nick Fradiani, Stefanie Londino, George Vickers V, Jeff Brooks and Kayla Jenerson snap a pic in front of Gino’s Pastry Shop & Café, where they had “the best cannoli.”last_img read more

Hadestown & Mockingbird Casting Directors Among 2020 Artios Award Winners

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first_imgReeve Carney & Eva Noblezada “Hadestown” on Broadway(Photo: Julieta Cervantes) View Comments Eva Noblezada Star Filescenter_img Reeve Carney A talented group of Broadway casting directors were hat-tipped for their work at the Casting Society of America’s 35th Annual Artios Awards on January 30. Ceremonies were held in New York, Los Angeles and London.Among the theater notables named victorious were casting directors of the Tony-winning Hadestown and Oklahoma! and the celebrated stagings of To Kill a Mockingbird, The Waverly Gallery and Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish.A select list of Artios Award winners can be found below.New York Broadway Theater—Comedy or DramaTo Kill a Mockingbird—Daniel SweeNew York Broadway Theater—MusicalHadestown—Duncan Stewart, Benton WhitleyNew York Broadway Theater—Revival, Comedy or DramaThe Waverly Gallery—David Caparelliotis, Lauren PortNew York Broadway Theater—Revival, MusicalOklahoma!—Adam Caldwell, Will CantlerNew York Theater—Comedy or MusicalFiddler on the Roof in Yiddish—Jamibeth MargolisNew York Theater—Drama”Daddy”—Judy Henderson, Nick PeciaroRegional TheaterIn the Heights (Westport Country Playhouse)—Tara Rubin, Claire BurkeLos Angeles TheaterSweat (Center Theatre Group)—Heidi Levitt, Billy Hopkins, Ashley Ingram, Marin HopeSpecial Theatrical PerformanceAnnie (Los Angeles Philharmonic)—Margery Simkin, Michael Donovan, Beth Lipari, Richie FerrisTheater ToursHamilton—Bethany Knox, Lauren HarrisFor a full list of winners, click here.last_img read more

Minnesota needs strong showing in Big Ten tournament.

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first_imgMinnesota needs strong showing in Big Ten tournament.April 20, 2009Jump to CommentsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare via EmailPrintItâÄôs a cry heard from most Big Ten teams in almost every sport and in every season: It all comes down to the Big Ten tournament. ThatâÄôs where the University of Minnesota womenâÄôs golf team is now after finishing 13th out of 15 teams in the Lady Buckeye Spring Invitational this weekend. It wouldâÄôve taken a surprising win, or very high finish, at the invitational to get into position for an NCAA tournament berth. They came into the weekend ranked No. 79 in the NCAA head-to-head rankings and would need to end up around the top-50 to get an at-large bid. But after struggling on a difficult course in Columbus, Ohio, they will now need a high finish, or perhaps a win, in the conference tournament to make it in. That is a significant task in itself, with No. 9 Purdue as the overwhelming favorite in the tournament held at their own course. If they get past Purdue, there is also No. 16 Michigan State. âÄúIf we can beat one of those teams then we can make a pretty good case,âÄù senior Paige Bromen said. âÄúThatâÄôs going to be a real tough thing to do, but we know we can do it. The way we played this weekend was just not worthy of the preparation we put in.âÄù At least, players said, the Scarlet Course set them up well for the Big Ten tournament. On a course that left the menâÄôs team reeling over its difficulty, the women had similar problems, shooting a plus-104 in three rounds. Individually, they recorded eight different scores of double-digit above-par. Sophomore Mary Narzisi took the worst of it, shooting plus-13, -12 and -10. But players got a chance to play on a course that demands good course management and shot selection, as PurdueâÄôs course also does. âÄúI think itâÄôs really a good thing to play a course like this right before heading to Big Tens, because it really challenges you,âÄù associate head coach Kris Wessinger said. âÄúBut we canâÄôt get wrapped up in blaming how we played on the course difficulty because everybodyâÄôs playing on the same one.âÄù And even without an NCAA berth, itâÄôs been a historic season for the team. They came into the tournament averaging the lowest stroke total since the program started in 1975. TheyâÄôve finished in the top-10 in eight of their nine tournaments, including five top-five finishes. Sophomore Teresa Puga, from Spain, broke the fall-scoring record earlier in the year and came into the weekend on pace to finish with the fourth-best spring average âÄî which would add up to a Gophers record for season stroke average. They even broke the school record for the lowest 54-hole score in October, shooting an 885 at the Las Vegas Invitation, ironically where they had their lowest finish of the season (16th). The Gophers, who had two weeks off before this weekendâÄôs tournament, leave Wednesday for Purdue and have just two practices to prepare. âÄúYou canâÄôt really do much technically with your game in two practices, so weâÄôre just going to make sure weâÄôre solid mentally and ready to work with what we have,âÄù Bromen said. âÄúHopefully we can pull something out.last_img read more