Sineku Primary School students kept home in protest

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first_img Sharing is caring! The Sineku Primary School students are being kept away due to deplorable conditions at the School and repeated incidents of vandalismThe students of the Sineku Primary School are being kept away home by parents in protest of deplorable conditions there and repeated incidents of vandalism.The parents are peeved that the Ministry of Education has not addressed their concerns regarding the state of the school despite repeated communication to the Ministry.Students have not been attending school since Monday, May 12, 2014 after an incident of vandalism on Sunday, May 11, 2014. Principal of the School, Kathleen Jno Lewis told Dominica Vibes on May 15, 2014 that parents are concerned with the numerous break-ins as well as electricity, plumbing issues plaguing the facility. Although nothing was stolen from the school during the May 12, incident, Mrs Jno Lewis reported that the louvers for each of the classrooms and the principal’s office were tampered with and in one class the louvers were removed.After the incident was reported to the police, Mrs Jno Lewis informed that the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) and an emergency meeting was held to discuss the matter.“The PTA had an emergency meeting to discuss the matter and they took a decision to keep their children home until they can hear from the Ministry of Education to try to solve the problem because this has been happening for quite a while this is not the first burglary it is not the first vandalism,” she said. In past break-ins, food, materials and computers have been stolen from the School. The School has a security guard but he only works during the night.Moreover, according to Mrs. Jno Lewis parents have kept their children home to send a message to the authorities that all is not well at the School. “The message that the parents are sending is that the school is being ignored, they have sent numerous letters to the Ministry, the last one was sent in October, and no response so far,” she said. She noted that these break-ins are having a psychological effect on the children.“When they come their louvers are broken it sends a negative message to the children, we have a plumbing problem, an electrical problem, the break-ins, we have water problem so all those things have been escalating,” she noted.Grade students will return to school on Friday so that they can prepare for the Grade Six National Assessment which is two weeks away.When contacted, the Ministry of Education said they are aware of the situation at the School and all is being done to address it.The Chief Education Officer, Melina Fontaine is expected to meet with the PTA and staff on Monday, May 19, 2014.Dominica Vibes News Share 158 Views   2 comments EducationLocalNewsPrimary Sineku Primary School students kept home in protest by: – May 16, 2014center_img Share Tweet Sharelast_img

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