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predicts that this year’s economic growth will be 7%. 2015, China is facing a critical period of economic restructuring. The leaders put forward a lot of economic and political system reform of fundamental policy. Such as reducing the company registration threshold, Daxing public entrepreneurship, innovation". In the Internet field, also put forward the "Internet plus". Internet industry people are greatly excited to hear. No matter what, we must want to through the Internet, the overall transformation of the overall penetration of traditional industries. This does not, the United States mission known as the first half revenue of up to 45 billion. BAT followed the war. Baidu launched the degree of secret, the introduction of membership +, glutinous + strategy, claiming to be connected to the 3600 line. Ali’s acquisition of the United States mission is not, the current rumor came, the United States and the u.s.". The United States fought back. Ali restart word of mouth network". A long time ago, Tencent shares of public comment and Jingdong. Recently, the United States and the United States to invest in Uber drops travel Lyft, the war will burn to the United states.

‘s two largest economic axis in the United States and china. Innovation on the Internet does not show a lot of different applications. The Internet as a parking lot, everywhere show the international norm, the United States, China will certainly have some, but China’s real economy has a relatively big problem. With a low level of knowledge processing, sample processing, assembling "as the core, the achievements of the 30 years of development China. Also through the market for technology, has brought the economic growth rate of more than 10%. China has become the world’s second largest economy. But the traditional industry, in fact, has a lot of problems. Therefore, the Internet strong application of innovative capabilities, as well as user oriented, clustering ability to change the traditional industry will be very large. So the "Internet plus", not "+ internet". This does not reflect the value of the Internet Co inside the who respect who humble it?

Internet giant believes that traditional industries should comply with the Internet way to transform

China has 50 million small businesses, Internet Co how to successfully serve so many enterprises to upgrade transformation. To provide them with the most advanced information technology. This is a very big challenge for China, and I believe this change is unprecedented for the world. So Baidu Valley investment 20 billion do O2O, connect the 3600 lines. For the first time, the Chinese Internet reflects a different approach to American innovation. Wall Street on the O2O do not understand, in the stock market is not surprising group.

Groupon of the U.S. Group founder group purchase copy. Not only the financing capacity of the original Groupon stronger, in terms of revenue, covering the number of traditional businesses, the impact of the number of users to conduct a comprehensive transcendence. Wang is the founder of the company’s valuation target set at $100 billion, so come true, then it will become one of BAT’s new big". Launched a cat’s China, information on the transformation of traditional industries and innovation ability can be called "the most in the world".


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