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May 7th news, the recent rumors of Jingdong is in talks to acquire online takeaway ordering platform hungry, the Jingdong vice president O2O Deng Tianzhuo in the circle of friends in the rumor, said the Jingdong will support hungry entrepreneurs in the end, hungry is a dream of the billions of dollars to the level of the company. At the same time, hungry Luo Yulong vice president recently in an exclusive interview with the state power grid also said that hungry since May began to frequent the new action to market, 2015 will be hungry in the history of the greatest change in a year.

in addition, according to rumors that hungry at this stage of business expansion bottlenecks, hungry relevant responsible person revealed the latest data — so far to billion state power network, hungry business has covered more than and 260 City, the peak of more than 2 million single, covering more than 3 thousand universities, more than 5000 employees. "This year we will focus on technology driven platform development, attention to efficiency improvement, orders doubled or even increased several times, some data to the end of this year or even over four or five times." Luo Yulong tells us.

figure: hungry vice president Luo Yulong

own logistics team expanded from 2000 to 8000

it is understood that, unlike most online takeaway ordering platform, hungry delivery team is using its own logistics as the core, has its own logistics team now has 2000 people, seven hundred or eight hundred in Shanghai alone, by the end of this year, in addition to self logistics, but also access partners logistics force.

Luo Yulong said, in the long run social logistics only play a supporting role in the future of hungry to establish an elite private logistics team in a second tier city is bound to, and will be open to other companies. "One day in any place, as long as consumers of your finger immediately someone came to the room, and the quality of service is very good, this is the goal of hungry."

Why is

hungry to establish such a broad logistics platform? In addition to guarantee the quality of service delivery, and delivery is the conviction that the market is large enough. In fact, the number of users called a taxi and a taxi is almost the same volume of orders, which is a very large market, the need for an efficient operation of short distance logistics distribution platform."

we know from a regular takeout office users, currently on the market several takeaway ordering platform in the homogenization of competition, customer loyalty is very low, which subsidies with a large. But in the following two points will be slightly different: one is that some have their own distribution platform system, some of the third party logistics and social logistics; the two is part of the business to sign only two platforms, a self built distribution team platform can sign a wider range of businesses.

Jingdong is hungry, one of the investors, O2O vice president Deng Tianzhuo also said in the circle to share the recognition of the hungry self built logistics platform practices. Today, the structure of the Jingdong, the country’s 170 districts and counties, 8 dollars distribution, 4 dollars in warehousing logistics and $1

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