Don’t venture TM all day for nothing, to do the right thing

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1 entrepreneurship is not a product, but to find problems and solve problems.

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I’ve never made a dollar in my own "business". I have been looking for the reason, until I came into contact with many of the lean startup books, after the course, I realized I have been repeatedly made the most of the entrepreneurs in the same mistakes: the domain name registration, website development or app, fantasy and big companies, and look forward to the customers line the team knocked at my door. Recall that the failure of entrepreneurial experience: it looks busy in TM is in be in full swing,


lean business completely changed my way of thinking. I began to realize that every time I fell in love with my own "unique, changing world" sincerity, I began to be controlled by these foolish inertia. I never put the customer and the customer to solve the problem in the first place, but from the beginning to busy with my own imagination to develop products, waste a lot of time, only to find that no one to my products. For example, when I decided to develop a vending machine in the subway selling drinks, I should sell for a week in the subway station to see if someone pay for drinks. This sounds simple, but including myself, I have seen too many entrepreneurs will be the two step reversed. Obviously, if I can’t change the inertia of this premature product, then I will only waste more time and experience more failures. So this time, I decided to overcome my inertia, the pattern is not verified before, I will not waste time to develop anything, I will only focus on the problem.

2 this time I’m not so important creative

summed up a few of my entrepreneurial ideas, I chose one of my most enthusiastic. At the same time, my friends are potential customers. Because just like the lean entrepreneurship said: Don’t make it hard yourself. you can’t it your friends or family, it can only hard to sell strangers. venture in do not choose to embarrass their own road that way, to be to sell. Even if your friends and relatives are not willing to buy your product, it will be more difficult for strangers to pay.

the idea of entrepreneurship was what I thought when I started another venture. At that time, I wanted to talk to some strangers, but there were a lot of obstacles, so I came up with an idea: if I gave them some money in exchange for their time to talk to me, it saved me a lot of things. Then I thought of the need to talk to the boys and girls who want to be more rigid than I need. Because in a stranger dating service, girls tend to be at an advantage. Many boys girls approached every Mo in the street, but most of the results.

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