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editor’s note: Jeff Haynie Appcelerator is the co-founder and CEO, is a veteran of 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, he had entrepreneurial brilliance, have experienced the first Internet bubble and the global financial crisis in difficult times. In this process, he summed up the entrepreneurial experience of 5 points, hoping to help you are struggling.

my career with Evan (Snapchat) Spiegel, (Stripe) Collison brothers, as well as most of today’s YouTube star as old. Today’s entrepreneurial circle is very different from my early days. At that time, AOL or send a CD through a dial-up network, mail through the post office and the like. It takes a few hours to cross the dunes. Few companies have their own websites that offer fewer open API applications. So few developers are concerned about API until 2000.

a lot of things happened after those days. Which we are lucky enough to survive the first Internet bubble, and in the next few years, the re emergence of a comeback. Then, in 2008, when the global economy was mired in the worst recession since the end of World War II, we carried out the post apocalyptic strategy. Now, although the outbreak of the situation is different, now it seems we are in another bubble edge, but no matter what is coming, I am in the two times in the leadership lessons learned on start-ups still has the reference significance to today.

Whether your company is in

for a sweep of the industry is not ready to force, or just want to listen to some prudent suggestions in the process of this mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the following 5 points are applicable experience:

early make money

in my current company (Appcelerator, recently acquired by Axway), we are always subject to the audience or income, the problem plagued. On both sides of the balance is the "coverage" (for example, the impact of the market), on the other side is the "income" (such as monetization).

each company’s monetization strategy is not the same – this is not the same as how to monetize and monetization, but also in the timing of monetization. In accordance with the traditional software sales model, the company will spend money to achieve scale expansion and promote monetization. It takes a lot of money and a lot of time to do the right thing. Free value-added model (we develop our own Titanium products on the adoption of this model) the use of the advantages of the product itself and the spread of the virus to promote the audience to cover, so as to gain market share. But the bigger the coverage, the harder it will be to expand revenue, often because the user has to pay for something that has been used for free. In fact, the more successful you are using the freemium model, the introduction of this system to

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