Three new board listed sprint 7000 this may have the next BAT

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Abstract: keen attention to the attention of the three new board for a long time. There is a very simple and clear account: when investors in the motherboard market, lucky hit new shares, harvest 10 or more daily limit, the investment income is not cheap. But if investors find a new board can be called the next BAT real growth stocks, perhaps he will get a hundred times earnings.

this is a gold is everywhere, but not everyone can see the era, it is also a star, the rise of industry has accelerated the iteration times, this is more of a non equity is not rich, the poor era will rest on its laurels.

this is the best of times, unprecedented opportunities in front of; is the worst of times, more and more smart people, each of the opportunities are less and less. Missed the BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) you, how much time to grasp the fleeting opportunity to invest in


three new board has grown into the most active, the most dynamic market representatives, the huge amount of its body, the rapid development, attracting many of the enterprise, eye-catching. The last week of April, three new board listed 139 companies, as of today (April 29th), the total number of listed company reached 6945, the next month will sprint to 7000.

, however, with the opportunity to be in direct proportion to the risk, the market found that the quality of the company, looking for the next three new board in the future, will be an important step in your investment in the success of the road.

recently, the daily economic news with many professional institutions, the grand launch of the first "new three future star billboard, designed by the professional perspective of all parties in the market, the new board of enterprise multi dimension evaluation considerations, the outline of the overall market profile, the mining enterprise potential value, and promote the healthy development of the new board.

next BAT here

The new board

now and 20 years ago, is still in the childhood is so similar to the motherboard, is still not mature, but in the invisible power savings, it is hard to imagine, a few years, ten years later, they will have more energy.

there is no shortage of inspirational legend, are making the rich stories, but more can not be underestimated is the vigor and vitality. The new board with a series of data showing the huge growth potential and its reserves: as of April 28, 2016, the new board has ushered in the 6938 companies, the number of enterprises far more than the motherboard, today, once again usher in the new three board listed 7 companies, listed a number of homes reached 6945, a forced 7000 mark integer.

in the near future, the number of new board listed company exceeded 10000 mark is no doubt things. As an important part of China’s multi-level capital market, the market parties to the three new board placed greater hope.

keen attention of investors three new board has been a long time, because the growth of this market space and imagination is undoubtedly greater. There is a very simple and clear statement: when investors in the main board Market

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