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Abstract: they are the beauty and wisdom of the same model, fade the aura of the past, in the road to explore the commercial road, and finally lay a bright commercial sky. Since then, in addition to the famous host, they also more than a "entrepreneur" title, who they have?


they have a dignified atmosphere of the face, all active in the screen, became a hot headed hostess, but in the cause of resignation very influential entrepreneurs.

they are both beauty and wisdom, a model, faded aura of the past, on the road to explore the commercial road, and finally lay a bright commercial sky. From then on, in addition to the famous host, they also have a title of entrepreneur, who they have from their entrepreneurial story, the founders can get what inspiration?

Yang Lan

1990, presided over the CCTV "Zhengda variety show, Yang Lan, a famous battle, the red ranks among the domestic host.

1993, Yang Lan to the United States, after returning to join Phoenix founder chat show "Yang Lan studio", the "3.5" program, one of the highest ratings in Phoenix TV programs, advertising revenue accounted for the entire Taiwan 1/10. When Yang Lan presided over the career burgeoned, she resigned again.

2000, Yang Lan and her husband, the acquisition of the good record of the group of Wu Zheng, changed its name to Sun Television Cybernetworks Holdings Limited, successfully backdoor listing, founded the sun tv. Since then, Yang Lan began to enter the business.

originally, ready to achieve profitability by two ways the audience pay and advertising revenue, but this model is too advanced at the time of the Chinese, Sun TV launched the three year loss of funds more than HK $200 million.

June 2003, Yang Lan announced a 70% stake in Sun TV sold to a media group in the mainland.

2004, Yang Lan through the restructuring of sun, founded the sun media investment company, the development of new media education, publishing, information, television, sports 5 items of business, the company gradually out of the woods, began to profit.

2009, Yang Lan integrated TV, electronic magazines and other resources, to create a "community of women in the workplace China multimedia network".

2010, together with Canadian female singer Celion ·, founder of the first domestic high-end custom jewelry brand – LAN jewelry, and as creative director of the.

2010, Yang Lan with a net worth of 7 billion yuan dengbang "female Hurun rich list".

2013, Yang Lan was named one of the 100 most influential women in the world by Forbes.


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