Cube network was deep venture financing billion yuan, 51 cars won $30 million C round of investment

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mobile game media cube network was deep venture capital financing

billion yuan

mobile game media cube network recently announced that has completed one hundred million yuan A round of financing, the investor is Shenzhen innovation investment group (deep venture) lead investor, Jingwei venture capital investment. According to public information, which is currently the largest mobile gaming media A round of financing. As of December 2014, the cumulative website cube network (UV) the number of unique visitors reached 600 thousand, mobile video game playing more than one hundred million times.

cube network CEO Wang Jian announced that the strategic focus of financing after the cube network will continue to explore in the mobile, tools, social community on the road, to strengthen the treasure game cube as the core product promotion and operation, as well as the expansion of the media business and overseas business. Cube network was founded in December 2012, is a mobile game media platforms and mobile applications as the main business of innovative Internet companies, including apple, Android, Mobile Games Mobile Games Mobile Games mobile game industry hot vertical field. July 2013 has secured 10 million yuan angel financing, in June 2014 officially released the first mobile game platform game player "game cube treasure" (formerly "Gaga").

51 car to get $30 million C round of investment

China largest second-hand car trading platform O2O 51 days before car network announced a new round of financing. This round of financing from Softbank Chinese led, Fangguang capital, SIG, DT de Haina investment capital with the same. 51 car did not disclose the specific amount of financing, but sources said that this round of financing amount of not less than $30 million.

51 car was founded in September 2005, is China’s first in the second-hand car information service website, has now become a car, car, shop, store as one of China’s largest O2O trading service platform. As of the end of 2014, 51 automotive information platform has been in the country layout of the 8 branches of the office of the 23, covering the depth of the country’s more than and 30 provinces and cities. Every day car auction platform, currently has Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen 3 stores, monthly turnover of more than 2000 units.

housekeeping O2O pony Butler latitude and longitude venture millions of dollars A round of financing

Announced the acquisition of millions of dollars A round of financing

domestic O2O pony days before investing to the housekeeper, Jingwei venture, this round of financing is mainly used for business expansion. It is understood that, at the beginning of the creation, pony Butler will get personal angel investment.

Beijing pony Feijie Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2014, locating light housekeeper, starting from home cleaning, is committed to creating O2O Butler service. Pony Butler all service personnel are full-time employees, and the vast majority of male service personnel, different from the traditional only aunt can do housekeeping concept. More than half a year on the line, the Butler has more than 10 stores in Beijing,

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