The future of the nternet business model 5, which is suitable for you to start a business

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future Internet business and online business evolved into business data, business data is a common form of business organization and leading consumer organizations, to bring innovative business models, technology, lifestyle, consumer lifestyle experience. So the future of the business and 4P, 4C emphasizes one-way lead different manufacturers and consumers will be led by the two, the former led innovation, the latter leading experience. Coupled with the accelerated development of the mobile Internet process, this two-way marketing model will lead to a major change in the mode of sales.

today, I am here to share with you the next 5 online sales model:

location service model,

hand artists to raise public mode,

community electricity supplier (customer CRM) mode,

consumer sharing model,

data goods (virtual goods) model.

believes that with the development of social business, the future business model will become more and more innovative. As the words: line line after landing, but the landing when offline business model is sure to change after the scene.

, location service model

based on LBS (location based services) sales will break the original geographical restrictions, mainly in the form of logistics services innovation. Jingdong, SF, rookie, city logistics and other logistics services companies in the future can achieve sales of LBS. Based on the traditional architecture thinking "commercial circle" model in the future commercial market advantage will be weakened, the future commercial shops mainly rely on experience (service) competitiveness, so the store location is no longer a non district business, carved sirloin is a very good case.

future shopping district is not simply the consumption of more or need to add some spiritual and cultural aspects of things. Such as Wanda Commercial Complex, a collection of basic necessities of life, the full integration of consumption circle of idle away in seeking pleasure.

here to give you one more vulgar example; if unfamiliar street launched "supplies" sales service, when the boys and girls dating success, click the "date", free condoms, and other fun items will be displayed in front of the boys, so I ask: whether the user has sufficient billion yuan purchase? Of course delivery must have a unique style, we all know these things to the home or office is not appropriate, then by way of LBS to achieve delivery will become a very good deal.

two, the hands of the public to raise the creative model

artists creative and big data will become the driving force of the future of the business, creativity will be mainly reflected in the design, big data will be transformed in the business model.

of course, the great development of creative design and capital to be more attractive, this year I have been emphasizing the hands of the artist market, if these artists and some vertical areas of the electricity supplier level +

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