2016 pan entertainment outbreak of entrepreneurs should seize the opportunity

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Abstract: not only the Internet Co even Huayi Brothers Wang Zhonglei is to "take the IP as the core to create a" IP "is the core part of the film industry, the Internet era can turn IP into a film company between diverse emotional connection with the audience from a rigid ideas, such as games into movies, fans etc..

during the Chinese new year to see this picture, "Pan entertainment + cotton candy" is really scared baby, I really admire the "innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples" in various local government efforts to promote.


1: the concept of Pan entertainment

said the recent fire pan entertainment this concept, we have to mention in recent years Chinese entertainment explosive growth, let us take the time to 2011, is the national strategy China proposed cultural development and prosperity in the year. The party’s Congress in part of grassroots cultural workers and engage in cultural research experts and scholars also attended the meeting. The decision of the CPC Central Committee on deepening the reform of the cultural system and promoting the great development and prosperity of socialist culture has been examined and approved by the CPC Central Committee, as shown in the following:


(from Xinhua screenshot)

at the same time this year, Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent Inc in China’s animated film development forum, proposed to build IP as the core of Pan entertainment concept. First proposed the concept of "Pan entertainment" which is the whole industry, have to admire the Tencent is a wise model.

In March 21, 2012

UP2012 game Tencent annual conference, Cheng Wu officially announced the launch of the pan entertainment strategy was defined as authorized by IP as the axis, cross domain to game operators and network platform based, multi platform business development mode of operation of the Tencent to entertain each other, and the "Pan entertainment" strategy for the the Tencent of mutual entertainment.

two pan entertainment core: create Star IP fans economy

as the core of the pan entertainment IP which has become the industry’s law, where it is necessary to understand what is not explained this industry that, IP refers to the original intellectual property is a legal concept in our country in recent years, emerging hot IP film, IP games, IP literature. IP IP for domestic animation; understanding gradually mature, after several years of development IP has become a new mode of domestic economy, and fans economy channel IP commercial, in which IP can be a fan of the economy is a story, a character, a large number of users favorite things.


(from network)

star IP to create a fan of the economy, and then we continue to Tencent, for example, with the pan entertainment strategy to determine the Tencent Tencent game, Tencent anime, Tencent

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