Many business have closed SkyDrive industry die No, the opportunity has just come……

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SkyDrive, also known as network U disk, network disk, online storage service launched by Internet Co, to provide users with file storage, access, backup, sharing and file management functions. Can be understood as a place in the network hard disk or U disk, whether you are at home, or anywhere else, as long as you are connected to the Internet, you can edit the file management, SkyDrive. Do not need to carry, not afraid of losing.


SkyDrive products, technology belongs to the field of cloud computing and cloud storage. The cloud computing and cloud storage is the key to the future direction of the development of Internet computing, so in the future of personal data assets of the times, become the entrance of personal user data assets, a key direction is the big data applications. Based on this judgment, SkyDrive products from the beginning, has become a major Internet Co and some new Internet is committed to innovation, a popular direction and traditional hardware equipment manufacturers and service providers layout.

but, unfortunately, the SkyDrive products, from the beginning, the factors in its body is given too much restless. These factors are mainly reflected in the content of the violation, due to the convenience and universality of sharing, so that the proliferation of these content and the negative effects brought by more and more attention by regulators. That had to be forced to punish. Thus, the emergence of SkyDrive products on the closed. Moreover, shut down SkyDrive products what, now can’t be completely sure.

, SkyDrive closed events are frequent, industry is facing a major adjustment

In March 2016

, a veteran of SkyDrive products 115 SkyDrive, Alibaba’s UC SkyDrive have also suspended some functions. Micro disk in April 25th this year announced that it would stop the storage of ordinary users. Thunder’s fast disk in April 27th this year, also announced that it will stop the storage of personal users. Tencent announced the cloud file transfer station closed in May 27, 2016…

these big brands of SkyDrive products have been shut down or suspend part of the function, basically is with the content of jurisprudence, involving piracy and other irregularities involving related, therefore need to concentrate on cleaning up the bad information, close the search and share core function. After the completion of the inventory rectification, whether the subsequent re service, temporarily not know. With the impact of jurisprudence, involving copyright content inventory and duration of a long time and other unfavorable factors, some products even if the service is also facing new problems. At the same time, can be expected, there will be a follow-up to SkyDrive products continue to shut down or suspend service way.

in a nutshell, SkyDrive business will face a major adjustment of policy tightening under. The SkyDrive business, will experience a trough, and then to build scenarios for health goal to obtain new development opportunities.

two, how to look at the SkyDrive products frequently closed event


so, this kind of closure for stakeholders

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