The first university in Xining to open a single stroke single test

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April 28th, the first Xining city Career Technical College University City separate enrollment examination, this is the second time for the province, the implementation of a separate enrollment examination, a total of Xining, Yushu, Hainan three test sites, a total of more than 700 candidates of the 8 registration exam.
as directly under the municipal government’s first public high school, the examination by the school autonomy proposition, the culture of comprehensive written examination and interview mode, the written examination of language, mathematics knowledge, interview the main test students’ ideological quality, language expression, logical thinking, professional knowledge and comprehensive quality. It is reported that enrollment in Higher Vocational Colleges according to the law of independent entrance exam, the implementation of independent enrollment enrollment form, is to increase the choice of candidates, the effective way to improve the diversification of higher education enrollment system, its purpose is through self enrollment way different from the common entrance examination, selection of suitable vocational training needs, hands high the potential ability of operation of outstanding high school graduates or vocational graduates in Higher Vocational Colleges learning.
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Xining re decentralization 14 approval canceled

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"parks, stadiums, public transport health permits, in the future without the approval of the municipal health bureau." In May 24th, City Legislative Affairs Office official said, the city from 2002 to 2011 six has carried out the administrative approval cleanup work, the city again canceled 14 administrative approval items, in order to improve efficiency, enhance transparency".

city has always attached great importance to the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, in accordance with the unified deployment of the State Council and the provincial government, the city has canceled a total of six administrative examination and approval items of the 429. Currently, the city retains 184 administrative approval items, non administrative approval items of the project 47. The administrative examination and approval of the project to be canceled 14, while trying to adjust the administrative examination and approval items of the 12. read more

Stay at home and learn knowledge — the activities of three rural areas in the north of Xining

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December 8th, bustling small square Zhu Bei Cun Da Bao Zi Zhen Cheng Bei District of Xining city. Theatrical performances, clinic, consultation, issuing leaflets…… North of the city of culture and science and technology, health, three rural activities officially launched.
as the winter sun warm people, square hung banners. North District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, maternal and child health care hospital, science and Technology Bureau, Justice Bureau, social development bureau, Cultural Bureau and other departments of the scene to accept the advice of the villagers. Wonderful performances won the applause of the villagers.
: you see the villagers Zhu his face beaming with joy, help the aged and the young, came to the square, watching performances, watching the exhibition publicity, publicity, technical knowledge consulting farm, to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and the maternal and child health hospital doctor health knowledge. Villagers Zhu Shenglong said excitedly, "three rural" so that the villagers will be able to learn real knowledge.
it is understood that the North District Health Culture and technology "three activities going to the countryside" the theme of "Harmonious Culture — 100 North Health Science and technology personnel" three countryside activities. "". Activities in the region to the rural cultural department will organize theatrical performances donated books and team performance, organization of calligraphy expertise personnel for farmer field writing couplets; District Science and Technology Department of scientific and technical personnel through consultation organized practical technical training in rural areas, and other forms, to impart scientific knowledge of farmers, agriculture and Forestry Animal Husbandry Bureau organized personnel to carry out water supply agricultural science and technology books, planting, aquaculture and technical advisory services, training and other activities; the district health department consists of medical teams to rural and city community free medical tour, songyisongyao to the countryside, and to carry out health education activities, training of township and village two health organization and city community health service medical personnel, improve their the level of medical technology and the ideological and moral qualities. Population and Family Planning Bureau of the implementation of rural family planning reward and Shaosheng kuaifu project, family planning assistance for poor households, at the same time to carry out health advisory services to farmers, giving birth control drugs, contraceptives and other promotional materials; district judicial bureau organizes personnel to carry out activities in the countryside. District Bureau of labor and social security of migrant workers legal rights organization personnel to carry out knowledge propaganda, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers; the District Civil Affairs Bureau to carry twinning in the rural areas, poverty alleviation, love and warmth activities, carry out various forms of military and civil building activities and garrison troops. (author: Chen Yu read more

Tens of billions of Qin capital investment Qinghai plan to start

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June 14th, Qinghai, the first global Qin business conference and the eighth session of the Shaanxi chamber of Commerce Association held. At the meeting, the global qin-businrss Federation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Provincial Department of Commerce, the main content is through the implementation of the global investment of billions of Qinghai Qin plan within 3 years, build strength, reputation and social status of the Qin Dynasty help Qinghai economic construction.

The province released the third quarter of the human resources market operation

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recently, analysis of the operation of human resources market in third quarter of our province, from the operating situation, the third quarter of the recruitment of enterprises, private enterprises are still the backbone of the employment population, the third industry to absorb employment subject.

reporter learned from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that the three quarter, the market of human resources were held on-site recruitment will be 26 games, a total of 1306 units of admission provide recruitment, job number 12874, 12220 people enter the job market, supply and demand ratio is 1.05, the relationship between supply and demand is generally stable. In the three quarter of the recruitment of enterprises, the state-owned enterprises in 30, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, private enterprises, 1050, a total of 226. With the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" advocacy and related policies, a large number of Small and micro businesses have emerged, especially college graduates founded enterprises increased, new business model involves many fields Internet plus traditional industries, relatively strong demand for recruitment. read more

Xining City, 2013, the annual rate of medical insurance for residents of up to 99.6%

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reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Social Security Bureau, the 2013 year of the basic medical insurance for urban residents in Xining (hereinafter referred to as residents of health insurance) insurance payment time is on December 31, 2012 deadline. At present, Xining city residents medical insurance premium payment is completed 423 thousand people (including residents under the age of 18 to pay the insured insurance payment of 198 thousand and 500 people, 169 thousand adults, the elderly insurance payment 53 thousand and 900 people), 31 thousand more than last year, the city’s residents medical insurance coverage rate reached 99.6%, to achieve full coverage. City Social Security Bureau has completed the insured person’s annual data conversion at 0:00 on January 1, 2013, you can enjoy the medical treatment in 2013. read more

Xining food and drug safety into government performance evaluation

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Recently, the Xining municipal office, Xining Municipal People’s Government Office issued "on the supplement and issued 2012 annual key tasks decomposition assessment objectives of the notice", the food and drug safety into government performance evaluation, on the basis of the three counties and four district municipal government signed the "2012 annual food and drug safety target responsibility book" check

recently, the CPC Xining municipal office, Xining Municipal People’s Government Office issued "on the supplement and issued 2012 annual key tasks decomposition assessment objectives of the notice", the food and drug safety into government performance evaluation, on the basis of the three counties and four district municipal government signed the "2012 annual food and drug safety target responsibility book" assessment. read more

Xining landless farmers new agricultural insurance social security merger

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reporter from the city human resources and Social Security Bureau was informed that, at present, Xining landless farmers social endowment insurance work is in full swing. Members of the Working Group in-depth counties touch base, engage in calculation, based on cohesion and land, finance and other relevant departments, the county is considering the introduction of practical implementation measures, and strive to make Xining landless farmers as soon as possible to enjoy the old-age insurance benefits. read more

Step by step implementation of urban water prices this year

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in accordance with the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of housing and urban construction on the 2015 before the end of a city on the principle of the full implementation of the residents ladder system, with the implementation of the conditions of the towns should also actively promote the requirements, this year our province will be established around the price ladder system, and gradually implement the price ladder.

at present, the province around the province according to the notification requirements, are speeding up the implementation of the price ladder system.

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The province will solve the problem of eight types of non registered permanent residence registratio

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May 23rd, the reporter learned from the provincial public security department, the province issued "on the settlement of the implementation of the views of" no account personnel registration account issues will be formally implemented in June 10th, the "opinions" will solve eight types of non registered accounts personnel problems.

8 no account personnel can be registered as follows: no account personnel do not meet the family planning policy; not for the "birth certificate" no person accounts; not the procedures for adoption in the adoption of no account personnel; declaration of disappearance or death after the account was cancelled due to marriage in rural areas; the cancellation of origin accounts personnel; no account personnel account migration certificate is lost or exceed the term of validity of the cause; no person accounts of our citizens and foreigners, stateless persons born out of wedlock; no other accounts staff. In addition, documentation requirements, prohibit the establishment of any pre conditions do not meet the household registration regulations, the full implementation of the province household registration and family planning policies do not meet the social compensation fee decoupling mechanism, newborn babies with "born medical proof" can apply to settle down. read more