Mother Mary E. Thorpe Gets “Sweet Rest”

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first_imgLosing your loved one by the power of death is always characterized by weeping, but the children of Mother Mary E. Thorpe, including Episcopal Bishop and Archbishop, the Most Rev. Dr. Jonathan B.B. Hart, have described her death as “sweet rest.”In his sermon during funeral service of his mother at Trinity Cathedral last Saturday, Archbishop Hart said, “Today, the family of the late Mary E. Thorpe and the Episcopal Church of Liberia have gathered in this place, the official seat of our Bishop, a son of the deceased, to celebrate the life of a faithful church member, a loving mother, family member, a devoted educator, a fraternal sister and friend.”According to him, Mrs. Mary E. Thorpe, popularly called ME, spent the greater part of her early life serving as a classroom teacher and school administrator, besides her care for many children.By her work as a teacher and school administrator, she was embraced as mother by many students.Furthermore, ME is described as a devout Christian and an active Episcopalian, which she became after marrying Judge Napoleon Thorpe of Crozierville. She hailed from Arthington, the daughter of Senator Smallwood.“At our home congregation of Christ Episcopal Church in Crozierville she served on the Bishop’s committee for many years, and also in the choir, the Altar Guild, the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) and as Jr. Warden and Parish Treasurer,” Arcbishop Hart added.Madam Thorpe later served on the Diocesan Standing Committee and for many years, a delegate to the Diocesan Convention and also a deputy at the church’s General Convention. She is recalled to have also served as a member of the Episcopal Church of Liberia (ECL) Companion Diocese Relations Committee with the Diocese of Baltimore, Maryland, USA.“Her life was one of worship and service in the church, her family and her nation,” Dr. Hart said.Mary E. Thorpe was born November 30, 1924 and ended her life’s journey on April 12, 2016 after she had given a full life of service to her God and family.In a scriptural rhetoric, the Bishop said, “The Prophet Isaiah welcomes the faithful of our Lord to a banquet that will have the best wine and the choicest food. It is a banquet reserved for the end of the lives of God’s chosen; and at that banquet, there will be songs of praise.”In continuation of the imaginative banquet, he said, the Bible tells believers to be exceedingly happy. Salvation is deliverance from constraints; constraints from sin, death and pain.Also referencing the prophetic book of Revelation, Arch Bishop Hart said, “Those who have come to the banquet are dressed in white robes; the garments worn by overcoming believers, who wave palm branches as sign of a victory celebration.”He added that the Lord is the Shepherd who leads the faithful to living fountains of water; and the multitude will dwell in the house of the Lord forever where there will be no thirst, hunger, crying, sorrow and pain in the presence of the Lord.The archbishop reminded his family members, sympathizers and others that after Jesus announced Judas’ betrayal and Peter’s denial, He told His disciples not to be troubled, but to trust Him.Christ promised a mansion with many rooms to accommodate His people, assuring that this home is a permanent and secured place.“Such places have already been set aside for all of God’s children; the eternal dwelling place of God is Heaven,” the archbishop averred.Though Christians are like Peter who failed Jesus in some things, yet Christ will not fail to return for Peter and for everyone else who believes in Him.“Our mother was a woman of great faith in God. She always prayed for her children and for those who came close to her.” The archbishop concluded his sermon by recalling the encouraging words his mother always shared with them: “Pray always. Send your prayers up to the Old Man and He will send down His blessings upon you.” Hundreds turned out to pay their last respects to the fallen Mother Thorpe. The sympathizers included colorfully robed members of the Order of Eastern Star, of which Mother Thorpe was a lifelong member. The Eastern Star sisters and brothers and many others followed the cortege to the Thorpe Cemetery in Crozierville, where she was laid to rest beside her beloved husband, Traffic Judge Napoleon Thorpe.Mrs. Thorpe’s children, most of whom live in the United States, flew in for the funeral.On the day following the funeral, the whole family returned to Crozierville to join other worshippers at the mother church, Christ Episcopal, where all the Thorpe children were baptized when they were very young. Their brother, Archbishop Jonathan B.B. Hart, also preached Sunday’s sermon. The service was followed by a sumptuous lunch in the Crozierville Town Hall, where Thorpe family members and others were welcomed by a brother of the Thorpes, Jones Thorpe, Crozierville’s current Township Commissioner. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

SAA named world’s most on-time airline

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first_img16 July 2013 South African Airways (SAA) is the most on-time airline in the world, according to the June 2013 Airline and Airport On-time Performance Report by global flight and airport information services company FlightStats. According to the report, which covers major international airlines and airports in north America, Europe and Asia, the big international airlines on average delivered 75.85% of their flights to the arrival gate within 15 minutes of schedule in June, down from 80.70% in May. Only six major international carriers delivered over 90% of their flights on time, with SAA topping the list at 93.33%, outperforming several reputable carriers from across the world. SAA has achieved over 90% on-time performance for the last five months running, topping the list of most on-time airlines three times during this period. “This speaks volumes about the commitment and determination that our staff put into their duties in order to consistently provide a professional and reliable service,’ Zuks Ramasia, SAA’s general manager for operations, said in a statement on Monday. South Africa’s national carrier, the most awarded airline in Africa, operates direct flights to six of the world’s seven continents. With its current fleet of 54 aircraft, the airline operates 53 000 flights per annum, ferrying 7-million passengers to over 1 300 destinations in 194 countries, both through its own network and partnerships with other airlines. “SAA will remain indebted to its workforce who, despite all the challenges the airline is currently facing, have chosen to focus on the work at hand, which is to bring the world to Africa, and take Africa to the world,” Ramasia said. “With close to 30 different accolades collected between 2012 and this month, our staff are clearly doing something right. Nonetheless, we are cognisant of the fact that there is room for improvement.” SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

LP101: Goal Setting Helps Guide You along a Successful Loss Prevention Career Path

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first_imgGoal setting can be a highly productive way to improve performance as we move along our loss prevention career path. It can help us to better see forward progress, building confidence and momentum as abilities are recognized, competencies are enhanced and goals are met.But before we can improve performance, we have to be able to establish what we consider to be “improvement.” In order to be most effective, goals should be tangible and realistic. They should be relevant to our jobs and to our careers, consistent with our skills and abilities, progressive in nature and practice, and focused on positive career management. We have to identify a means for measuring success, as such measurements help to communicate values and establish priorities within an organization.Typically, we begin by looking at these components from a broad or global perspective, and then break them down into manageable and measurable elements where we can see impact and influence, and show results that are real and lasting.- Sponsor – Team GoalsIn order to maximize the performance and productivity of the department as a whole, the dynamic of the team should be our first point of reference. In order to maximize our overall performance, we should hold the team accountable to specific and measurable goals. When establishing team goals, some of the factors we should always consider would include:Do the members of our team have the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to accomplish our objectives? If so, what steps can we take to maximize performance? If not, what do we need to do to get our team where it needs to be?Does the team have clear goals? More importantly, are those goals clearly understood?How will success be measured? How will the team know when goals are being achieved? Success benchmarks help build confidence and momentum along the loss prevention career path.Have those goals been discussed individually and as a group, with input from the team? Does the team feel that their input will be heard and respected? Team input drives ownership, which will impact both efforts and results.Are the goals seen as important to the team? Will they have the commitment necessary to achieve those goals?Are the goals realistic? Do we have the necessary time, resources, skills, abilities and support to accomplish our goals?Do our goals challenge the team to use their skills and abilities? Goals that challenge our talents help keep us focused and motivated.Have we looked for potential roadblocks and brainstormed for potential solutions?Are there training programs that can help us reach our goals and would be productive for the team? Based on our abilities and limitations as a department, is that a viable option?Does the team feel that they have the support of management? Will management support creative thinking in order to accomplish goals? Support instills confidence and drives results.Do we have the skills, the means, the motives and the discipline to effectively communicate? The importance of communication is often discussed, but our ability to develop an effective communication strategy that powers interaction internally within the team and externally throughout the organization cannot be overstated.By defining and effectively communicating the goals and values of the department we are able to infuse heightened levels of employee satisfaction, loyalty and productivity. We evoke the spirit of the team and forge the effort and the commitment that leads to results.Individual GoalsWhile our goals should be aligned with the vision and strategic aspirations of the organization as a whole, they must also be crafted to the specific needs and abilities of the individual members of the team. Important steps would include:Assessing the individual’s abilities and interests in light of their career goals. What are their core competencies? Do they have the interests and aptitudes to progress? Where do they show the most potential? Where do they show the greatest need for development?Reflecting on the unique qualities of the individual—Their attitudes and behaviors, their drive and ambition, their maturity and demeanor, their diplomacy, their decision-making, their flexibility, their professionalism and their overall growth potential.Considering the individual’s self-assessment and self-reflections. Where do they see themselves going? What do they consider to be their strengths and developmental needs? What are their career goals? Are their goals realistic and/or attainable? Do they have a plan?Considering the opportunities and limitations that can (or can’t) be realized within the structure and resources available within your department and your company.Developing meaningful and productive goals will help your team members to develop a career plan that can focus their efforts and guide them through their careers. By identifying what we want to achieve and outlining a plan that can help us to get there we are better able to focus our efforts, work with more purpose and direction and keep us on our desired course.By capitalizing on opportunities to enhance our knowledge and education, we are making an investment in our own future. To learn more about investing in your career, goal setting, and the certification process, visit   Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

How To Secure Your Web App With HTTP Headers

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first_img Related postsInclusive Components: Book Reviews And Accessibility Resources13th December 2019Should Your Portfolio Site Be A PWA?12th December 2019Building A CSS Layout: Live Stream With Rachel Andrew10th December 2019Struggling To Get A Handle On Traffic Surges10th December 2019How To Design Profitable Sales Funnels On Mobile6th December 2019How To Build A Real-Time Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game (Part 2)5th December 2019 Web applications, be they thin websites or thick single-page apps, are notorious targets for cyber-attacks. In 2016, approximately 40% of data breaches originated from attacks on web apps — the leading attack pattern. Indeed, these days, understanding cyber-security is not a luxury but rather a necessity for web developers, especially for developers who build consumer-facing applications.HTTP response headers can be leveraged to tighten up the security of web apps, typically just by adding a few lines of code. In this article, we’ll show how web developers can use HTTP headers to build secure apps. While the code examples are for Node.js, setting HTTP response headers is supported across all major server-side-rendering platforms and is typically simple to set up.The post How To Secure Your Web App With HTTP Headers appeared first on Smashing Magazine.From our sponsors: How To Secure Your Web App With HTTP Headers HomeWeb DesignHow To Secure Your Web App With HTTP Headers Posted on 3rd April 2017Web Design FacebookshareTwittertweetGoogle+share How To Secure Your Web App With HTTP HeadersYou are here:last_img read more

Update: At Least 3 Dead After Car Crash At Oklahoma State’s Homecoming Parade

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first_imgScene of tragic car crash at Oklahoma State's homecoming.oklahoma state car crash homecoming paradeUpdate 5: It’s now being reported that four people have died, including a two-year-old.Toddler among four dead in Oklahoma State homecoming parade crash:— USA TODAY Sports (@USATODAYsports) October 25, 2015Update 4: School president Burns Hargis has issued a message to the Oklahoma State community.#OKstate President Burns Hargis with a powerful message— Kyle Fredrickson (@kylefredrickson) October 24, 2015Update 3: According to the Stillwater Police Department, a 25-year-old woman has been arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. They’ve also released her name. More as we learn it.Driver of car in Stillwater has been arrested for DUI, according to Stillwater police. SIGH.— George Schroeder (@GeorgeSchroeder) October 24, 2015BREAKING: 25 year old female in custody, police say she was driving under the influence. #OKStateHC— Martina Del Bonta (@MartinaFOX23) October 24, 2015BREAKING UPDATE: #StillwaterPD says Adacia Chambers, 25, has been arrested for @OKState Homecoming crash. #FOX23— Jonathan McCall (@JonathanMcCall) October 24, 2015Update 2: According to Lacie Lowry of News 9, three people have died after the crash. Another 10 are in critical condition. 27 had to be airlifted to hospitals. Absolutely terrible.UPDATE: 3 dead, 10 critical, 27 airlifted to hospitals after car plows into OSU homecoming crowd. Driver in custody.— Lacie Lowry (@LacieLowry) October 24, 2015Update: Oklahoma State has issued a statement on the matter. Oklahoma State University is saddened by the tragic parade incident earlier this morning. Our thoughts & prayers are with those affected.— Oklahoma State Univ. (@okstate) October 24, 2015Earlier: We’ve got some terrible news coming out of Stillwater, Oklahoma this afternoon. News On 6 is reporting that two people have died following a car crash during Oklahoma State’s Homecoming Parade Saturday morning. A vehicle reportedly drove directly into the crowd near the end of the parade route.Witnesses tell News On 6 it was terrifying as a car crashed into parade watchers at high speed. The car was not part of the parade but was on Hall of Fame before crashing into crowds on Main Street. A motorcyclist was also reportedly hit.Twitter users have been posting photos of the scene.Pray for Oklahoma State. Car accident during the homecoming parade.— anthony (@GroganWayne) October 24, 2015#BREAKING #Stillwater police coordinating multiple medical helicopters ambulances multiple injuries @okstate parade— Tiffany Alaniz (@TiffanyAlaniz) October 24, 2015Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of anyone affected by the tragedy.last_img read more

‘London, Dublin bid to restore N Ireland govt’

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first_imgBelfast: London and Dublin were set to announce a fresh attempt to revive Northern Ireland’s power-sharing devolved administration, reports said Friday, following the killing of a journalist by nationalist paramilitaries. Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom, has been without its semi-autonomous government since January 2017 following a breakdown in trust between the main parties. In a rare joint statement, politicians from Northern Ireland’s six biggest parties united to condemn the killing of 29-year-old Lyra McKee, shot dead on April 18 while reporting on riots in the second city of Londonderry. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from USHer death has triggered a renewed attempt to mend the fences between the main parties representing the British unionist and Irish nationalist communities. The New IRA (Irish Republican Army) paramilitary splinter group, which violently opposes the peace process in Northern Ireland, admitted responsibility for McKee’s killing, saying she was unintentionally shot as they attacked “enemy” police officers. At her funeral on Wednesday, Father Martin Magill commended Northern Ireland’s political leaders for joining together at her funeral, but asked, to a standing ovation: “Why in God’s name does it take the death of a 29-year-old woman with her whole life in front of her to get us to this point?'” It is expected that the talks could take place following the May 2 local elections in Northern Ireland. Britain’s N Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley and Ireland’s Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney are expected to hold a press conference later on Friday in Belfast. The two largest parties, the pro-British Democratic Unionists and Irish republican Sinn Fein, are at loggerheads over several issues.last_img read more

Turkish women MPs wear headscarves in parliament

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first_imgAnkara- Four female lawmakers from Turkey’s Islamic-rooted government attended a parliament session on Thursday wearing headscarves, for the first time in 14 years.In 1999, Turkish American lawmaker Merve Kavakci arrived in parliament wearing a headscarf for her swearing-in ceremony. She was booed out of the house and then had her Turkish citizenship revoked.Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) lifted on September 30 a decades-old ban on headscarves in the civil service as part of a package of reforms meant to improve democracy and freedoms. The headscarf is a sensitive symbol in Turkey as it is viewed by secularists a sign of political Islam in stark contrast to the republic’s secular traditions.last_img read more

Wrestling Brakan Mead thrust into starting role in freshman season

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Ohio State freshman, Brakan Mead, won a high school state championship at 113 pounds after amassing a 45-4 record in his senior year. Credit: Courtesy of Tony MeadA photo features a small child having his hand raised by referee while wearing a black singlet that reads “Buckeyes” on the chest and “OSU” over the left leg. That child is Ohio State freshman wrestler Brakan Mead. That photo currently adorns the profile of Mead’s Twitter account. “It was a dream my whole life and now it’s a reality,” Mead said. On Oct. 8, All-American redshirt senior Nathan Tomasello sustained a right knee injury which will likely keep him out the first two months of the season. It left a gaping hole at the 125-pound class of the Buckeyes’ lineup, which is currently ranked second in the nation. Enter Mead. Ohio State’s reserves at 125 pounds consisted only of freshmen. On Oct. 19, Mead and Brady Koontz wrestled for the right to represent the loaded Buckeyes at the class. One fact might have given Mead an advantage. The stands at the wrestle-offs were filled with his family, friends and high-school coaches. Mead is a product of Olentangy Liberty High School, born and raised in Columbus. He pinned Koontz in the first match and won by points in the second. The 125-pound class belongs to the hometown kid, at least for now. “It definitely means a lot especially because I’m home,” Mead said. “I know that all the matches, I’m going to have family there and coaching staffs from my past.” Less than eight months ago, Mead was in high school. On March 11, he won a state championship at 113 pounds after amassing a 45-4 record during his senior season. That might be quite the accomplishment, but Mead now wrestles alongside gifted athletes such as senior heavyweight Kyle Snyder, an Olympic gold medalist. “We’re ranked No. 2 in the country right now, and I think it’s a really good feeling,” Mead said. “But that’s part of it here. That’s why I’m here. I think that’s why everybody chose here. I think that’s the culture that we’ve built and that’s the atmosphere that’s been built by the guys that are in the lineup right now.” Head coach Tom Ryan, who had to pull Mead’s redshirt in order for the freshman to compete this season, praised Mead’s character while acknowledging the daunting task that stands before him. “There is nothing easy about what he’s trying to do,” Ryan said. “He has a monster undertaking. As a true freshman that was a lighter weight class coming in, it’ll be a real challenge for him.” Both Ryan and Mead’s high-school head coach Mark Marinelli described the freshman as a “lighter” wrestler in the NCAA 125-pound class. Mead’s personality almost seems to eclipse his size. Confidence is not an issue for Mead, Marinelli said. “He’s 6-foot-8,” he said. “He’s 6-foot-8, 350 pounds and he can move the jive. He’s got lots of confidence and he’s great.” Marinelli spoke of Mead like a family member. He first knew what he had in his gym during Mead’s freshman year, when he saw Mead’s attitude while wrestling larger opponents who were more skilled. He said Mead always believes he’s going to win, regardless of who he is facing. His greatest test is yet to come. “Ohio State is so good in wrestling right now. You have to be a great wrestler just to be on the team,” Marinelli said. “Right now, all the stars are aligning the way he wants them to and he’s taken advantage of it.” One could wonder whether anyone in Mead’s position could truly be ready for what is to come in the next two months before Tomasello’s return from injury. Mead does not wonder. “I never have a doubt about that,” Mead said. “I think that I’m ready to go. I think that the team and the staff believes that I’m ready to go. I know me and my support system believe that I’m ready to go. I’m just going to go and compete.” On top of the support system that includes his family and coaches, there is another person that will be happy to supply Mead with guidance. That person is Tomasello. Tomasello is a former national champion. He’s a three-time All-American and individual Big Ten champion. He’s competed internationally. For now, he can’t be much more than a coach to Mead. “Each practice, if I see something, I’m going to point it out to him,” Tomasello said. “I feel like we have a pretty good relationship now so when we go to tournaments, I’m going to try to go to as many tournaments as I can when I’m not wrestling.” Ryan praised Tomasello’s leadership as a captain. Mead is a possible replacement for Tomasello when the decorated senior graduates. The freshman called Tomasello “unreal” and cited his tendencies to live right and lead by example as reasons why he looks up to the NCAA champion.“Nate has helped me out,” Mead said. “He’s helped me be a better person and he’s helped me be a better wrestler in a really short time since I’ve been here. I owe a lot to him.”With Ohio State and Mead’s first dual meet against Arizona State n Columbus Sunday looming, it leaves one to wonder how the hometown freshman will fare in his time filling in for the All-American. “Anybody could go down at any time,” Ryan said. “You better be ready to knock the door down when it’s your chance.” read more

Mens Basketball Chris Holtmann contract approved by Board of Trustees committee

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Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann calls out to the Buckeyes in the second half in the game against Michigan State on Jan. 7 in Value City Arena. Ohio State won 80-64. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorChris Holtmann’s eight-year, $24 million contract as the Ohio State men’s basketball coach was approved by the Board of Trustees’ Talent and Compensation Committee Thursday to the surprise of no one.Since he is one of the highest-paid university employees, his finalized contract still had to be approved by the committee.In an era where coaches’ contracts continue to grow in compensation and length, the committee felt Holtmann’s deal was justified.“A critically important part of it is to have a contract that is long enough that in the living room of a high schooler’s parent, the parent expects the coach to be there through the entire time their young man or woman is in school,” University President Michael Drake said.Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith said Holtmann has already lived up to and exceeded expectations.Drake quipped back immediately and said what Holtmann has done with the team he inherited was actually the plan all along.“He’s actually matched our expectations,” Drake said, which was met with a laugh throughout the room.Even with Holtmann’s lengthy contract, Smith said the university will not enter into the arms race associated with over-paying coaches and said exorbitant contracts for football coaches at Texas A&M and the University of Alabama are outliers.The contract is awaiting approval by the full Board Friday. read more

Mens Hockey Mason Jobst signs NHL contract with New York Islanders

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Ohio State senior forward Mason Jobst (26) looks down the ice in the game against Minnesota on Feb. 15. Ohio State lost 4-3. Credit: Nick Hudak | For The LanternAfter 164 points in 149 games, Ohio State senior forward Mason Jobst has found his way into a professional contract.On Tuesday, Jobst signed a two-year, two-way entry level contract with the New York Islanders that begins in the 2019-20 season.The Islanders have clinched a playoff berth this season, and currently sit at No. 2 in the Metropolitan Division with 99 points.Jobst was a two-time captain for the Buckeyes, scoring at least 30 points in each season played, and leading the team with 36 points in his final year, enough to place him as a finalist for the Hobey Baker trophy.The senior forward was Ohio State’s leading goal-scorer in the 2017-18 season, helping lead the Buckeyes to their first Frozen Four since 1998.Jobst is 25 years old, and played in the USHL with the Muskegon Lumberjacks before arriving at Ohio State. He leaves the Buckeyes with the 13th-most points in program history.Jobst is one of five players on the Ohio State roster with NHL contracts including senior forward Dakota Joshua, junior forward Tanner Laczynski, redshirt junior forward Miguel Fidler, junior forward Carson Meyer and freshman defenseman Ryan O’Connell. read more