Louisville basketball uniforms

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first_imgFavourite Logos:university of louisvile skating cardinal gdu 142 CTID Link to post Location:Columbus Share on other sites rtrich11 3,326 CDixonDesign Location:Eugene, OR Members Link to post 0 Link to post Share on other sites CDixonDesign 2,975 6,684 posts 3,326 Sign in to follow this   4,212 2,592 posts Members Posted March 23, 2012 1 Location:louisville, ky 3,326 Members Cujo NJTank oddball Location:Austin, Texas Sports Logo News 21 posts Sign in to follow this   check the college basketball uniforms thread. Plenty of info on the new adidas uniforms which have been worn since the conference tourneys.I agree, some camera shots made tehm appear more orange than red. Location:15 minutes due west of Disneyland. It seemed like every camera shot I saw made them look orange’ish. It didn’t look like I was watching Louisville. Pretty sure infrared41 could clear all this up for us. Joshawaggie Is it just me or did the Louisville uniforms look a bit orange tonight? Sorry I do not have pictures to go with this topic. NJTank Posted March 23, 2012 Share on other sites 1 Share this post Share this post 175 72 Favourite Logos:ASU “Sparky”Jazz music note wordmarkBlue Jackets “Stinger” Oregon “Donald Duck”Scottish Claymores primary 3 pianoknight 0 2,592 posts 4,212 175 0 5,070 posts frosty06306 0 4 172 dmhtfld 0 2,568 posts 4,212 Location:Currently Salt Lake; soon to be Jackson, MS. 3 Members 4,212 0 At first I thought I was watching the Syracuse game when I turned it on. I then decided to adjust the color on my tv. Still orange ctk 192 192 Share on other sites Link to post 2,813 posts 160 rtrich11 31,030 posts Posted March 23, 2012 Share this post 0 192 Link to post Members knnhrvy16 950 JayMac Members Share this post Members Share this post ctk Cujo Posted March 23, 2012 3 Favourite Logos:Colorado AvalancheManchester CityColumbus Blue JacketsNew York Yankees Share on other sites Link to post Favourite Logos:New York MetsDetroit Red WingsBoston Celtics Forums Home Louisville basketball uniforms 175 Location:SPAMTOWN, MN 6,671 posts 11,718 posts Share on other sites Posted March 23, 2012 4 Share on other sites 142 Adidas has made the colors brighter for Baylor, Cincinnati, and Louisville for their conference tournaments and NCAA tournament. It’s part of what seems to be a new jersey and are prototyping it with these three schools. Share this post Members 0 dmhtfld 0 Link to post Infrared isn’t even visible to humans….or tv screens or digital cameras. Posted March 23, 2012 Location:Kansas City, MO frosty06306 37 72 0 1,129 They were very red to me Coheed 4,212 72 Share this post On the light spectrum, isn’t infrared on the other side of red from orange?infrared – red – orange – yellow – … Tom Richards 0 evanmaldonado Go To Topic Listing Posted March 23, 2012 Share on other sites rtrich11 I had just bought a Champion sleeveless workout shirt thing at Target the other day that looks very similar to that. I think it’s more orange, but the tag said Red. Posted March 23, 2012 Prev Share this post 950 Share on other sites Share this post Tom Richards 37 160 Location:St. Paul | Chicago Posted March 23, 2012 0 Link to post 201 SportsLogos.Net Location:Ohio Share this postcenter_img Link to post Cujo Location:Denver, Colo. Sports Logo News Next 2,813 posts Location:Ohio Posted March 23, 2012 This topic is now closed to further replies. Joshawaggie Louisville basketball uniforms 0 Share this post All Activity 1,612 posts Prev 201 Share this post I thought orange as well. Banned Members 201 It seems as if adidas were going for and electric red and instead got an orangish color.Tonights uniform.What they wore during most of the regular season. Mingjai 1,129 Share this post Share on other sites Being a Mets fan is like being water boarded on a nightly basis Share on other sites 950 Location:Belleville, NJ By JayMac, March 23, 2012 in Sports Logo News Sports Logos Share on other sites Posted March 23, 2012 Location:Denver, Colo. I’m thinking infra-red is a fail as a uniform color. sᴘᴏʀᴛsʙᴀʟʟ ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛᴇʀ 0 dmhtfld 0 72 Link to post Members Share on other sites 0 0 868 posts 0 JayMac i don’t care what color it is as long as it isn’t blue. we’ve been playing better since we have gone with the prototypes.btw, the official color is infra-red and depending on the camera they look either bright red or orange. Link to post Link to post 0 Posted March 23, 2012 Posted March 23, 2012 Link to post 0 31,030 posts Share on other sites evanmaldonado Share this post From watching the game, the uniforms definitely looked orange-ish under the lights, but in the lockroom they look red, almost L’ville’s normal shade. This must be a lighting thing. And yes, just like Cinci and Baylor, these insane colors are creating buzz. Mission: accomplished. Posted March 23, 2012 Posted March 23, 2012 Posted March 23, 2012 0 Share this post Page 1 of 2   Share on other sites Coheed All Activity pianoknight 2,975 Members 72 Forums Home 2 Posted March 23, 2012 5,747 posts 0 Share this post Link to post Share on other sites 2 8,662 posts Of course we can see Infrared. But like many a marketing tool, it’s only referred to as a name. It’s just another marketing tool, just like the flywire, zubazz pant pattern, hyper elite holes, etc etc. No Me Gusta however on the color. 160 Posted March 23, 2012 Members 7,383 posts 172 Posted March 23, 2012 Members Page 1 of 2   Members Link to post Members knnhrvy16 37 Share on other sites 4 Link to post 0 FKA – jmac11281 Link to post 2,975 gdu 172 Recommended Posts Location:Charlotte, NC The broadcaster (can’t remember who it was) referred to it as “Louisville’s Infrared uniform” at one point, is that what Adidas is calling it?Whatever it was, it was too bright. It didn’t look very good at all on my HDTV. Cujo 1,733 posts Next Link to post sᴘᴏʀᴛsʙᴀʟʟ ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛᴇʀ Members Share this post 72 192 Posted March 23, 2012 53,174 posts Share on other sites Followers 2 Link to post Share on other sites Infrared isn’t even visible to humans.Maybe Adidas should go all “Emperor’s New Clothes?” 0 192 Mingjai Share this post Members 142 Sports Logos SportsLogos.Net 0 Members dmhtfld Share this post Share this post oddball rtrich11 Followers 2 Infrared isn’t even visible to humans.He isn’t? I see him every once in a while on these boards. Infrared isn’t even visible to humans. 0 246 posts Link to post DyingAlive 4,212 1,129 192 Share on other sites DyingAlive Members Embracing the suck. Louisville basketball uniformslast_img read more

Waves eGaming set to open esports facility in Toronto

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first_imgWaves eGaming is poised to launch a dedicated esports facility in Toronto, Canada on November 15th.The Toronto-based company has raised almost $1 million (£761,175) through unspecified investors and aims to provide a central location for gamers in and around Toronto – allowing them to play on high-end computers and consoles.The facility itself will be 13,000 square feet with a stage that is 1,600 square feet; it’ll also include a console lounge, a concession stand, and an area with over 80 gaming computers.Ali “Alicus” Saba, the former Director of International Development at Infinite Esports and Entertainment, has joined Waves eGaming’s board of directors.Alicus discussed the venture in a statement: “It’s a particularly exciting time to get involved in the venue business, as there is a tremendous amount of opportunity in this rapidly growing market. I look forward to working with Waves’ team of visionaries as the company sets its sights on the next chapter.”The company will provide its members with weekly and monthly tournaments on titles such as Super Smash Bros., Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, NBA 2K, and FIFA 19.Esports Insider says: We see a lot of gaming lounges popping up around the world, but esports-dedicated facilities are much less common. Toronto is about to receive quite a bit of attention from the Overwatch League, so having areas such as what Waves eGaming is creating makes a lot of sense. We may just see the Canadian city become one of the hotspots in the industry at this rate!Subscribe to ESI on YouTubelast_img read more

Johnson wins City Amateur

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first_imgE-mail: [email protected] The ultimate for an athlete is to go out a winner. Very few accomplish the feat, but Holladay’s Zach Johnson can say he did, even if he’s not exactly retiring from golf.Johnson, not to be confused with the Zach Johnson who plays the PGA Tour, won the Richard C. Kramer Salt Lake City Amateur on Sunday afternoon at Bonneville Golf Course by one shot over Dan Horner and Michael McRae in what was his final amateur tournament.Toward the end of a post-round interview, the 23-year-old former Southern Utah golfer dropped a bomb, casually mentioning that he was moving to Las Vegas the next day and turning professional so he could play on the Butch Harmon Tour.”This is my last amateur tournament, so it’s pretty sweet to go out with a win,” Johnson said. “It’s a good tournament to win. Prestige-wise and field-wise, this tops them all.”Among local amateurs, the City Am is the second most prestigious amateur event in the state. The big one is the State Amateur every July, but Johnson won’t get another chance to win that.He’s headed for Vegas, where he’ll play for money on a 10-event circuit with a championship at the end. Johnson wants to play golf for a living and feels he has the game to do it.Johnson has certainly dominated Utah amateur golf lately. Besides the City Am win, Johnson has won four amateur events over the past month and a half, including the Mick Riley Memorial, the Western Utah Am, the Ogden City Amateur and Spanish Oaks.On Saturday, Johnson blistered the Bonneville layout with a 63, just one shot off the competitive course record. He led Horner by one shot and Guy Child by two and felt confident going into Sunday.In fact, he didn’t even care to see what Horner, who shot 70, and Michael McRae, who shot his second straight 67, had put on the board in the morning. That is, until he finished No. 9.Johnson was cruising along at 1-under par when he came to the 182-yard downhill par-3 hole. However, his tee shot went left onto the hill. He chipped across the green, then left his next shot on the lower part of the two-tiered green. From there, he three-putted.That left him with an ugly triple-bogey 6, and he decided to find out what the others had shot.”That’s when I knew I had to kick it in gear again,” he said about being three shots behind.On the back nine, after making a key par save at 10, he birdied 11 and 12 to get to 9-under for the tournament. Then at the par-5 16th hole, he hit a 6-iron to the middle of the green, 40 feet away.He said later he was just trying to lag the putt up to get a birdie, but instead, the ball rammed into the back of the cup after which Johnson pumped his fist, celebrating the eagle.”Luckily it hit the center of the hole or it might have gone six or eight feet past,” he said. “That was a big putt.”Suddenly in the lead, Johnson played for pars on the last two holes and finished with a one-shot victory at 133. Child finished fourth at 137, followed by Brady Stanger and Jason Wahlstrom at 139. last_img read more

Apple Wants Apps To Support 3D Touch—But On Its Own Terms

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first_imgBlackbox developer Ryan McLeod thought he’d found the perfect use for 3D Touch on the new iPhone: A portable scale app called Gravity that tapped into the pressure-sensitive technology to weigh small items placed on a spoon. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t like the idea—McLeod’s app has been rejected because “the concept of a scale app was not appropriate for the App Store.”With this, Apple’s message for developers seems to be: Support 3D Touch as soon as possible—just don’t get too creative with it. See also: Apple Wants You To Peek And Pop For Info—Instead Of Googling McLeod initially suspected his app was rejected because it was misconstrued as a fake. So he sent back an appeal with a demo video showing Gravity in action, and spoke to an Apple representative over the phone, but he was unable to get a reversal on the decision. When it comes the App Store, Gravity was sunk. Apple’s objections could have stemmed from concerns over the app’s possible use with illicit substances, McLeod mused, or maybe the potential for damage to the screen—though the app does issue a warning about going over a dangerous weight. Another possibility: Perceived misuse of the API. The developer admitted that, “Gravity makes odd use of the API and 3D Touch sensor.” Whatever the reason, it’s a shame—although not all that surprising—to see Apple playing a cautious game with 3D Touch implementation. If you’re thinking about a creative use for it, you may want to double check with the powers-that-be at Cupertino before investing too much time and effort into it. A 3D Touch Revolution?3D Touch is one of the key new features differentiating the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus from every previous model: The nascent technology, which also exists in a similar form on the Apple Watch display and the trackpad on the new MacBook, lets users access menus and extra options with a harder (not just a longer) press. It’s broadly comparable to a right-click on a computer, unlocking extra menus and shortcuts. Since presumably it wouldn’t hold core features, developers would able to support 3D Touch without necessarily abandoning older iPhones, which don’t include the necessary hardware. For Apple, a company hardly known for offering free and full access to the inner workings of its OS, Gravity could be an attempt to “hijack” 3D Touch for a use it wasn’t intended for. Hopefully it’s not the beginning of a trend. Something like a digital scale really shows off what 3D Touch is capable of, and other developers may have other intriguing ideas. McLeod’s Medium post is an interesting take on getting 3D Touch to work without a finger: After several trial runs he and his friends landed on the spoon as the “conductive, capacitive, common, and curved” object required for 3D Touch to be activated. They haven’t given up hope yet: “We have a strong respect for the subjective process Apple uses to maintain a selection of high quality apps and look forward to seeing other creative uses of 3D Touch,” he wrote, “but do hope for a day when Gravity can be one of the hand-picked, who-knew-a-phone-could-do-that-apps anyone can download on the App Store and have in their pocket.”Perhaps he’ll have better luck on Android.Images courtesy of Ryan McLeod  Related Posts How AI is Learning to Play with Words david nield Tags:#Apple#Gravity App#iOS#IPhone 6S#IPhone 6S Plus center_img Why Your Company’s Tech Transformation Starts W… These Mistakes Can Derail a Legacy Software Con… Leveraging Big Data that Data Websites Should T…last_img read more

Solving Video Discoverability using Cloud-Scale Deep Learning

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first_img[1] Source: Cisco 201­­­­­­6 Visual Networking Index[2] Source:  AlexNet – NIPS2012 Co-written by Andres Rodriguez of Intel, Ravi Panchumarthy of Intel, Hendrik van der Meer of Vilynx, and Juan Carlos Riveiro of VilynxSetting the StageAs cloud-based high performance computing (HPC) offerings continue to grow, led by innovators like Amazon Web Services* (AWS), more powerful and scalable resources exist to solve larger problems than ever before. However, new challenges are surfacing just as quickly as new opportunities. One such challenge/opportunity is the deluge of video content that is dominating the Internet and how to make sense of all of it.  Per the Cisco 2016 Visual Networking IndexOpens in a new window, 75% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2020 and mobile video will increase 11-fold between 2015 and 2020.[1]A parallel trend to the explosion of video traffic is the growth of machine learning in all of its forms including the use of deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for highly accurate image recognition tasks.  The release of the seminal network topology ‘AlexNet’[2], architected by Alex Krizhevsky, Ilya Sutskever and Geoff Hinton at the University of Toronto, served as a major milestone in computer vision history by soundly beating traditional methods in the 2012 Large Scale Image Recognition Challenge (LSVRC 2012Opens in a new window). This topology had and continues to have a profound influence in computer vision and image recognition deployed in many state of the art applications today.  Modern neural networks contain amazing levels of representational power and accuracy due to their deep hierarchical approach to feature learning and abstraction. However, this accuracy requires a significant increase in the compute power required to train these deep networks — making cloud-based computing an ideal solution.The confluence of cloud-based compute, machine learning and pervasive video content sets the stage for an interesting problem to solve. How can advanced computing systems automatically extract the salient points within video content to make them more easily discoverable, drive better user engagement, and ultimately be monetized?   To that end, Intel and Vilynx* are working together to create a solution. As part of this effort, our engineering teams have jointly created a reference architecture that can be leveraged by the community of developers looking to tap into the power of cloud infrastructure to solve similar problems.The Problem Statement:  Video Discoverability is BrokenPeople love watching online videos; they consume over 10 trillion videos every year – and viewing trends continue to accelerate. On YouTube* alone, over 300 hours of content is uploaded every minuteOpens in a new window. Today, viewers are required to endure a painful and time-consuming process to search and discover interesting videos.  This can sometimes include watching up to 30 seconds of pre-roll advertisements before being able to view the video and scrub for relevant content. A better method for previewing videos is needed so viewers can quickly find what they are looking for – and skip over what they aren’t.VilynxOpens in a new window has developed a way for mobile and PC viewers to watch an automatically curated 5 second preview of a video’s most interesting scenes with just a mouse over or a finger swipe. Viewers can quickly preview a video before deciding to watch it. It’s a similar idea to watching a movie trailer, but thanks to machine learning, the preview can be easily applied to all videos. Publishers also benefit from this technology, as the preview can generate higher click through rates and longer engagement times. The same technology works for both social media and branded websites. More video views equal more branding opportunities for publishers and advertisers – and ultimately, more revenue.The need to automatically extract the most interesting clips from each video in a time-sensitive manner requires heavy-duty computing capabilities.  Vilynx has been working closely with Intel to improve the performance and efficiency of machine learning and deep learning algorithms to enable these automated video searches.Why use CPUs and Cloud-Scale Infrastructure?Deep learning has shown great promise in many practical applications, ranging from speech recognition and visual object recognition to text processing. This has been accompanied by an increase in the training sequence size and/or the parameter set size to greatly improve classification accuracy. While these advances are exciting, their use is currently limited to a small number of companies and research groups due to the high cost of the hardware infrastructure required to support them.The use of high performance (and high cost) GPUs was supposed to facilitate the training of modestly sized deep networks. However, a known limitation of the GPU approach is that the training speed-up is small when the model is not big enough to fit within the GPU’s memory. To overcome this problem, researchers often reduce the size of the data or parameters so that CPU-to-GPU transfers are not a significant bottleneck. While data and parameter reduction works well for small problems, they offer a poor response to problems with a large amount of data and dimensions, such as analysis of high-resolution images.For startup organizations and the developer community, training deep networks quickly without access to dedicated hardware readily available to industry leaders like Facebook*, Baidu*, Google* and others is a challenging task. Moreover, building a grid of servers with very powerful GPUs and CPUs is expensive and only accessible to those companies with deep pockets, a challenge that is solved through the use of cloud infrastructure.Increasing Computational CostsFew workloads are more compute-intensive than video processing today. Adding deep learning into the mix, the level of complexity and computation is increased to a point beyond what can be achieved using a GPU alone. Within the Vilynx stack, video processing and machine learning are used to select the relevant moments from hours of videos and store them in a long-term memory. Once stored, deep learning algorithms use audience preferences to select and display video clips. Finally, semi-supervised machine learning algorithms are fed with matching keywords, metadata, social networks and web data to obtain the most relevant set of key words for a specific video.The completion of this project proves that it is possible to build massive and intelligent deep neural networks that can understand video content using commodity cloud compute instances – without a high-cost, dedicated hardware solution.This solution is not only able to learn about user preferences and display content automatically selected as most relevant, but it also enables video discovery and search via a rich set of keywords that are matched to internal moments. In short, for the first time, we are enabling automation of full search functionality inside a video.Solution StackThe below graphic shows the various components and hierarchy of this solution, from canonical AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud* (EC2) and Amazon Elastic Block Store* (EBS), to Intel-optimized software libraries and open source components all the way to the end application deployed at scale by video publishers.Steps to Setup and Run Yourself:Download and launch the AWS CloudFormation* templateConnect to your Amazon EC2 instance (In our case C4.8xlarge, powered by the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 v3 Family)Modify the config fileMore detailed instructions can be found here.Very special thanks to Thomas ‘Elvis’ Jones at AWS for his support and collaboration. Cheers!last_img read more

DOE’s maverick climate model is about to get its first test

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House Democrats gear up to block planned move of USDA research agencies

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Dunga: ‘Paqueta can’t save Milan’

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first_img Watch Serie A live in the UK on Premier Sports for just £11.99 per month including live LaLiga, Eredivisie, Scottish Cup Football and more. Visit: https://subscribe.premiersports.tv/ Former Brazil coach Dunga said Milan can’t expect 22-year-old Lucas Paqueta to “solve their problems on his own.” Paqueta came to the Rossoneri in January this year and has since played 22 games in Serie A, scoring once since his €35m transfer from Flamengo. Dunga is afraid the Italian giant have placed far too much importance on his performances since the 22-year-old arrived. “He immediately showed his value in Brazil with Flamengo and was brought to Italy,” Dunga told Sky Sport Italia. “Everyone is expecting him to solve Milan’s problems. “If he finds a team who is ready, he is a completely different player. He still needs to grow and understand how he can express himself in the best way. I think he could be a midfielder in the style of [Nicola] Berti.” Milan are 11th in the League and are already on the back foot in the fight for a place in Europe.last_img read more

7 days agoArsenal boss Emery: Sheffield Utd and Wilder have been amazing

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first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Arsenal boss Emery: Sheffield Utd and Wilder have been amazingby Paul Vegas7 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal boss Unai Emery has been impressed by Premier League new boys Sheffield United.The Gunners meet United on Monday.Emery said, “It really is amazing their performance with the manager and the atmosphere in Sheffield. They are playing a lot of playing who have come up from the Championship and have had good performances since the start of the season. “They’re a difficult team and they have a big motivation playing this season in the Premier League. and giving good performances. With their supporters, they are going to push us a lot but we’re ready and we’re going to prepare for the match as well as possible. “It’s a big challenge in each match and for the three points. We want to give our supporters there a good 90 minutes, and also try to win the game.” last_img read more

Money announced in Iqaluit to help celebrate Canadas 150th birthday

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first_imgKent DriscollAPTN National NewsFederal government announces money for projects in Iqaluit to get ready for Canada’s 150th [email protected]last_img